Boost The Metabolism Course - "AGNI: Building A Strong Digestive Fire"

By: Boost The Metabolism  22-Feb-2011
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AGNI: Building A Strong Digestive Fire
By Nadia Marshall
Edited by Kester Marshall ND

AGNI is a food and lifestyle course based on the Ayurvedic principles of good digestion, designed to help you enjoy stress-free, guilt-free, confusion-free eating.

Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, teaches that at a physical level, all disease begins in the digestive tract due to an imbalanced digestive fire.  This fire principle is called AGNI in sanskrit. Bringing your attention to strengthening and stabilising your AGNI is, arguably, the most effective preventative health measure you can establish in your life.

Ayurveda teaches us that ‘Like Increases Like’ and that the ‘Qualities’ of our food, thoughts, activities and environment directly effect the quality of our AGNI. The three main qualities of AGNI are Warm, Light and SlightlyOily.  By introducing these same qualities into our lives, predominantly through food, we can directly influence our metabolism, the quality of our tissues and immune system and the quality of our thoughts. Simple.

This practical 8 module course walks you through the fundamental Ayurvedic food and lifestyle practices designed to strengthen and stabilise AGNI, detailing why they are recommended and drawing correlations to more western viewpoints.  It is designed for people to work through it at home, at their own pace.

The easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow approach frees you from having to keep track of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, calories, kilojoules, additives, pH levels, omega-3s, gluten, lactose, salicylates, amines, preservatives etc etc.  It is about REAL food.  Celebrating and enjoying real food. No stress.

The practices taught are specifically designed to cultivate a strong digestive fire - increasing your ability to digest, absorb and assimilate your food and decreasing the production and accumulation of toxic wastes in your tissues and channels.  As a result, you will:

  1. Achieve and maintain an appropriate weight for your constitution

  2. Have more energy (without the aid of stimulants or superfoods!)

  3. Reduce symptoms of indigestion (bloating, reflux, gas etc)

  4. Enjoy a clear, glowing complexion

  5. Suffer from fewer seasonal illnesses and health problems

  6. Feel good about yourself and your body

  7. Enjoy and celebrate food!

You will also develop a greater connection to, and appreciation of nature - her cycles and her produce... and an ability to cook delicious and nourishing meals for you and your family.

Written in a deeply personal way, based on Nadia’s own experiences of compromised digestion and stress/confusion around food, the Course provides a very accessible, fun and supportive guide to Ayurvedic eating and living for the modern western mind.  It should be accompanied by “WARMTH: The Cookbook”.

For more information, see Nadia’s blog site:

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Boost Your Metabolism, Increase You Metabolism,