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By: Eidetika Pty Ltd  31-May-2016
Keywords: Web Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Designer

Please see some of our website design: EIDETIKA Digital promotion and search engine optimization, and now: AFFORDABLE responsive web design and software development. EIDETIKA is a Sydney-based digital studio specializing in creative problem solving based on the appeal of visual as well as verbal images. Our graphic design conveys the identity of your business. We provide a full range of digital services for brands, start-ups, corporations and foundations. Established in 2012, we have a consistent record of helping clients achieve their goals and promote their business, on digital platforms as well as in the print media. Responsive Web Design (RWD) Our responsive web design creates a site with optimal viewing and interaction, whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Each site we design is a unique expression of a creative concept, organized as an effective marketing instrument. We keep in mind the growing importance of mobile friendly sites. Software Development Our programmers have a magic touch in meeting your needs through enterprise resource planning software that integrates your business process; through project management where a team achieves specific goals; or through setting up a remote working system. Digital Promotion & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Eidetika carries out social media promotion and promotion for local community organizations. We also carry out online advertising, including the use of Google AdWords, where brief advertising copy is displayed to web users based on advertiser cookies and keywords linked to web page content. With search engine optimisation, Eidetika uses ‘white hat’ SEO techniques recommended as good, honest design by search engines, tending to produce effective, long-lasting results for users. Specially designed E-Business Packages Eidetika will select from effective digital strategies and online marketing solutions to create a digital space to match your needs. In all our digital platforms and print media solutions, EIDETIKA has in mind the impression that your site will leave with clients. Newspaper & Magazine Advertising We undertake multilingual advertising campaigns with professional design & artwork, in both mainstream and special interest publications.

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