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By: Windsurfing Sales  09-Dec-2011
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Gun Sails Equipment Bags

Gun sails are the favourite equipment bags in Europe. Why?

  • Superb materials and workmanship.
  • The best protection for gear.
  • style.

Now in Australia, you have the chance to put your favourite gear in top quality Gun equipment bags.


Boardbag Air Travel

The board bag air travel features include:

  • 10mm exterior foam protection for secure car transport, for airline travel, and storage.
  • Water repellent, solid ripstop 600 material throughout.
  • Extra thick and abrasion proof PVC protection on nose and tail.
  • Velco fastening fin pocket.
  • New design for wide board shapes.
  • Carrying handles on nose and tail.
  • Shoulder strap.
  • The best protection for your board.
Length/Width CM Rec. price NICE. price
Boardbag Air Travel 240/60 $189.00 $169.00
Boardbag Air Travel 250/55 $189.00 $169.00
Boardbag Air Travel 250/60 $189.00 $169.00
Boardbag Air Travel 260/60 $189.00 $169.00
Boardbag Air Travel 260/70 $189.00 $169.00
Boardbag Air Travel 270/70 $189.00 $169.00
Boardbag Air Travel 270/80 $189.00 $169.00
Boardbag Air Travel 285/80 $189.00 $169.00
Flapper Board Bag
Flapper board bag, designed for extra wide formula boards. Includes:
  • 10mm exterior foam protection.
  • Extra thick and abrasion-proof PVC protection on nose and tail
  • Water repellent, solid ripstop 600 material throughout.
  • Velco fastening fin pocket.
  • Absolutely suitable for airline travel.
  • Carrying handles on nose and tail.
  • Shoulder strap.
Length/Width CMRec. priceNICE. price
Flapper Board Bag 255/100$199.00$179.00
Session Bag

Very practical bag for your complete rig

  • For 3-4 Sails + booms.
  • Stable base with cross wheels.
  • 6 compartments for masts with maximum length of 460 cm.
  • 2 inner zipper mesh pockets.
  • Big inner compartment, separated by a material layer
  • Durable PVC edging and stable carry handles on the nose and tail
  • Measurements: Length: 255 cm, Width: 57 cm, Height: 33 cm.
ItemRec. priceNICE. price

The practical bag for storage and transportation of your carbon masts.

  • Holds up to 3 masts ( 6 single compartments ).
  • Outer 5mm foam padding
  • Especially tailored for carbon mast protection.
  • Water repellent, solid ripstop 600 material.
  • Can be married to the sailbag at a later date.
  • Length: 270 cm, Width: 18 cm.
ItemRec. priceEveryday Niceprice
CombiBag 2 in 1. Mastbag + Sailbag.

Features Include.

  • The Combibag provides safe transit for sails and masts as a single unit.
  • The Mastbag can be securely fixed to the bottom of the sailbag with heavy duty clip fasteners.
  • Adjustable length to perfectly fit both slalom and wave sails
  • The mastbag should be inserted in the 30cm long pouch at the front of the sailbag. This provides the whole unit with more security and aerodynamics during transit.
  • Holding straps for the roof rack can be placed between mast and sailbag to avoid crushing or creasing of sails. For extra security we recommend you secure the whole Comibag to your roof rack with additional straps. These need not be so tight that they crush the bag and can also be passed through the metal loops to stop the bag moving forwards or backwards.
  • Both bags can be used separately.
  • Length: 270 cm Width: 35 cm Height: 32 cm
ItemEveryday Niceprice

Features Include.

  • Holds 5 - 6 sails with seperable masts and accessories.
  • Adjustable length to perfectly fit both slalom and wave sails
  • Compression belt with fastener which can be adjusted to accommodate the number of sails contained.
  • Additional rear zip for easy unloading.
  • Big foam padded carry handles.
  • Water repellent, heavy duty ripstop 600 material.
  • Secure fixing on the roof possible without compressing the sails.
  • Can be married to the mast bag.
  • Length: 230 cm,extendable with zipper up to 270cm.
  • Width: 35cm.
ItemEveryday Niceprice
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