Gun Sails Premium Monocoque Windsurfing Booms

By: Windsurfing Sales  09-Dec-2011
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Gun Sails Windsurfing Booms

Gun Sails - Monocoque Aluminium Cross Windsurfing Boom. Premium boom. The ultimate performance equation.

Length cm Weight g Price
Cross Boom 140cm - 190cm 2380 $219
Cross Boom 150cm - 200cm 2460 $229
Cross Boom 160cm - 210cm 2500 $239
Cross Boom 180cm - 230cm 2720 $249

The new Cross boom is a brilliant boom and the ultimate performance per dollar available.

Thanks to its monocoque construction, the Cross boom is nearly as stiff as a Carbon boom, made from high-quality T8 aluminium.

The tubes are produced in the so-called “tapered” technique, which means that they have a comfortable 26 cm diameter in the grip area and towards the rear end, the tubing gets thicker for increased stiffness. The bend characteristics are co-ordinated to the relevant size range. The modern and ergonomic curve enables fatigue-free easy sailing, the boom tube is quite straight and therefore the front hand will not be hyper-extended.

Quality features include:

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Keywords: Gun Sails, Windsurfing Booms,

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