U.S. Navy Specifies EndoCube for Heavy Lift Fleet

U.S. Navy Specifies EndoCube for Heavy Lift Fleet from Vonross Solutions

By: Vonross Solutions  14-Feb-2014
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The U.S. Navy recently called for the supply of 324 temperature mimicking sensors this is an extract from the RFQ: SPECIFICATIONS FOR TEMPERATURE MIMICKING SENSORS 1. SCOPE. Military Sealift Command’s Engineering Directorate is seeking the provision of temperature mimicking sensor containing material which mimics the thermal properties of food. The temperature mimicking sensors shall be capable of causing the refrigerator’s compressor to react to actual food temperature rather than refrigeration box’s air temperature. 2. SPECIFICATIONS. The temperature mimicking sensors shall meet the salient characteristics and level of quality of Endocube, manufactured by Universal Master Products. Each sensor shall: a. Be capable of fitting over existing temperature sensor which controls the compressor based on ambient air temperature. Existing temperature sensors comprise of standard thermostatic probes between 2 and 14 inches long, and between 1/4 and 1/2 inches wide. Each sensor must be capable of controlling the compressor based upon product temperature. b. Consist of a non-toxic food simulant contained in an enclosure capable of mimicking food temperature at a depth of 10mm below the surface of the food. c. Contain a food simulant that meets the requirements provided in NSF Protocol 235, and FDA CFR21 181.32. We believe thus provides proof of the quality and effectiveness of the EndoCube ......

Keywords: Endocube, Energy Efficiency, Refrigerating Equipment Parts & Supplies, Refrigeration, Refrigeration Equipment, Temperature Mimicking Sensor