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By: www.goa.com.au  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Message Boards, Led Message Boards, General Outdoor Advertising

Several of our key Supersite locations also include EMC's (Electronic Message Centres), which are 12m LED message boards built into the sign structure. When you buy an EMC Supersite you also get exclusive use of the EMC facility, which can include up to 30 lines of additional text, with each line changing every 4 - 8 seconds.

The EMC can be used in a number of creative ways to add value to your static billboard branding/advertising – EMC's enhance the main message, attract attention, include directional/store location information, calls to action, display changing dates/times, direct customers to your website, price points or short term information.

Ideas are only limited by your creativity!

EMC Supersites are exclusive to goa billboards in Queensland and continue to prove very popular with advertisers.

Ask us how we can assist in making EMC Supersites work for your brand or business.

Keywords: General Outdoor Advertising, Led Message Boards, Message Boards

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