Qoozo Ozonation & Filtration System

Qoozo Ozonation & Filtration System from Ecobud

By: Ecobud  26-Oct-2011
Keywords: Water Treatment, Water Filters, Drinking Water

World First Environmental Ozonation + Filtration System NESH QOOZO is an international patented product from NESH featuring the unique 4-3-12 system with the science of ozonation. The instantaneous fusion of Life Water and ozone creates water that purifies, sterilizes and deodorises. QOOZO Penguin character is to create and spread consciousness on global warming issues. Melting icecaps in Antarctica has cost penguins their natural habitat, while rising sea levels threaten both surrounding inhabitants as well as the entire eco-system. QOOZO, inspired from Antarctica Emperor penguin, aims to spread consciousness in caring for the Earth. QOOZO is used for purifying, sterilizing and deodorizing, thus extensively reducing the use of detergent and being environmental-friendly. This also results in using less water in daily cleansing, preserving valuable and scarce resources of our mother earth. QOOZO is a point-of-use apparatus integrating water filtration system with the science of ozonation (O3). Connected to a tap water source, tap water is being filtered by 3 filter cartridges that produce 12 levels of highly effective filtration. Chlorine, bacterias, pollutants, harmful particles etc in tap water is being removed effectively and alkalise, mineralise the water by the 3 cartridges, thus making the water healthier for drinking purpose. Filtered water + ozone instantaneously remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables, making food safer for consumption. Laboratory experiment result shown that the removal efficiency is as high as 92.9% within a minute. Besides, laboratory experiment result also shown that it can eliminate bacterial such as E-coli by 99% effectiveness. Filtered water + ozone rapidly remove viruses and bacteria, as ozone is 3000 times faster than chlorine in eliminating bacteria. QOOZO sterilizes kitchenware and baby products, no liquid detergent or soap required when cleaning hands. Laboratory experiment result shown that the antimicrobial effectiveness is as high as 99.95%. Filtered water + ozone rapidly oxidize and decompose odor-causing bacteria in the water. QOOZO removes bad odors by electron decomposition; ozone does not mask odors but completely removes them.

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