Lymphatic Drainage Massage

By: Innovative Body Solutions  18-Apr-2011
Keywords: Massage, Cancer, Relaxation

The Procedure

Lymph Drainage is a very gentle and rhythmic pulsing treatment. A much lighter touch is used than other massages. You are likely to fall asleep. A light powder is used to allow the therapists finger pads to glide over the surface of the skin. No oil is used.

Healing of the body often takes place whilst resting and during the sleeping hours of the day. So, as you enter this deeply restful and relaxing state, your body will respond and begin the healing process during the treatment. For the duration of the session you will lie on our massage table on your back and will be draped comfortably with towels.

How does Lymphatic drainage work?

It stimulates the lymph system, clears blocked areas, and promotes an increased flow to ensure efficient removal of wastes.

Lymphatic Drainage aids the removal and filtering of waste, toxins and excess fluids from within and around your cells. So it's great for detoxification and reducing fluid retention. It will flush waste products of your body. You will need to drink plenty of filtered water to support your de-tox.

Keywords: Cancer, Detox, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage, Relaxation

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