Man Over-board Rescue Equipment

Man Over-board Rescue Equipment from SOS Marine

By: SOS Marine  01-Dec-2010
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SOS Marine has designed and manufactured the lastest patented man-overboard rescue equipment.  They are a bench mark for quality and performance with design features separating them from others.  They are uniquely different and more advantages for both the person overboard and search and rescue operations.

The Sea Scoopa MOB recovery system, has been designed for the saving of lives at sea whilst minimizing harm to both the rescuer and the victim. The Sea Scoopa utilizes a net to capture the MOB while the rescue boat is in motion and has the necessary steerage to scoop the victim into the net.  No other rescue system has this capability, which is so important for capturing a MOB in difficult sea conditions.  

The SOS Dan Buoy
  is a compact, inflatable marker to be used to indicate where a person has gone overboard. Designed to be thrown overboard without need to set or activate and stands 2 metres above water level within seconds of immersion in water.   “The SOS Dan Buoy is compact and addresses the MOB problem, with its enhanced visibility it is being used in Air Sea rescues where it’s being dropped from a helicopter to mark a location”

Keywords: Lifeboats, Equipment, Supplies & Services, Personal Flotation Device, Rescue Equipment, Safety Devices, Safety Harness