Hypnosis - What's Under Your Control?

Hypnosis - What's Under Your Control? from Octavian

By: Octavian  18-Jun-2011
Keywords: Counselling, Coaching, Personal Development

Every Workshop is different - Just like our own personal challenges. You may ask yourself - what can I do about it?  what is possible?

When we discover new and creative ways of thinking to change your own behaviour and quality of life - It's exciting!  It's fun!  And most of all... it can inspire many important people in your life.

What's Behind the Words Workshop - a one day NLP Workshop on 2nd July 2011.
When we stop talking....we don't stop communicating.  You'll learn to read what's behind the words we use and how to observe your own internal thoughts as well as the signs of acceptance or rejection in others.  Upgrade your communication skills and fine tune your ability to relate and connect with people.

This is A must do workshop for anyone who is in a position of influence.  Whether it is for your Professional or Personal relationships you'll get enormous value out of learning how to communicate effectively.

2.5 day Workshops in November 2011
Compass To Your Success - a 2.5 day workshop focusing on your personal devleopment & life values.  (11-13 November)
Hypnosis Demystified - a 2.5 day workshop Learn about Self-Hypnosis to disolve stress and influence your own mind and results. (25 - 27 November)

Personal Breakthrough Sessions with Deborah Edwards

How to Stop Smoking with a renowned Hypnotherapist
Get Motivated and Stay Motivated.
Heal Trauma from your past.
Overcome Your Phobia's, Depression, Anxiety and / or Anger

You can contact Deborah today to discuss your challenges on 0402 623 375

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