What is CRYONITE? from Flora Pest Control

By: Flora Pest Control  06-Jan-2011
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Cryonite is a new non-pesticidal treatment system for control of Bed Bugs and other crawling insects. This system is called Cryonite - Rapid Freeze technology.

Cryonite is a unique and patented system that uses carbon dioxide to literally freeze insects to death.

This system has been proven to be highly effective against Bed Bugs in both domestic and hotel room situations as it is completely non-toxic. This avoids the need to quarantine a room for several days as is necessary with traditional Bed Bug treatments.

It is also highly effective against other crawling insects, such as cockroaches, particularly in food production and processing situations as production can continue during treatment.

It is kind to the environment as it uses carbon dioxide produced as a by-product of other processes.

How does it work?

The new non-pesticidal CRYONITE ®  method exterminates Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Ants, Mites, Moths, etc by rapid freezing using carbon dioxide. This method has several advantageous features for pest control treatment:

* preserves a completely pesticide–free environment
* enables production to be continued during the whole sanitation and treatment cycle, minimizing production downtime
* is a dry method – no liquid residuals
* allows for direct contact with food stuffs and may be applied throughout the whole facility
* can be applied directly on matresses, bed bases and furniture
* is easy to operate
* exterminates not only adult insects and larvae, but also eggs
* reduces costs
* uses carbon dioxide produced as a by-product of other processes, so no extra carbon dioxide is delivered to the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide leaves no residue, is easy to acquire and can be delivered in a variety of packing sizes. A unique CRYONITE® feature is that normal production at an industrial site may continue during the entire sanitation cycle.

Restrictions related to traditional pesticidal methods are completely avoided with the CRYONITE® method. Consequently there is no need to evacuate staff during sanitation and requires a minimum of personal protection by the operator.

CRYONITE® flexible connection tubes permit good accessibility and outstanding results even in double curvature pipes and deep slots.

CRYONITE® decreases the need for preparatory cleaning. The method is easily used with existing hygiene routines.


* Food Industry - treatment of machinery and equipment against crawling insects and stored product pests. As Cryonite is pesticide free it allows for direct contact with foodstuffs without contamination of the product. Production can continue during and immediately after treatment.
* Hospitality Industry - fast effective treatment against Bed Bugs in hotels. motels, backpackers and resorts. The major benefit of using Cryonite is avoiding the need to quarantine a room for several days after treatment as is necessary with traditional methods of Bed Bug control. The room can be rented out immediately after treatment saving hundreds of dollars in lost revenue.
* Museums - treatment of sensitive materials against carpet beetles, clothes moths etc. Cryonite is a dry treatment that leaves no residuals.
* Homes - safe treatment against crawling insect pests such as Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Ants, Stored Product Pests, Wasps, Moths. Completely non-toxic, Cryonite is safe to use if you have young children and pets.

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