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By: Zenith Personal Training  30-Oct-2010
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At Zenith Personal Training, we provide health and fitness coaching for the 21st Century. We use the latest advancements in personal training technology and cater for all ages and abilities. Our clients are our business....we aim to ensure the highest levels of customer service and strive to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack. We take the time to understand your health and fitness requirements and develop unique, tailor made programs, which differ from week to week and month to month, depending upon your progress and feedback. We also take the time to contact you after your session to ensure all is well and that we are on track to achieve your goals.  Our services include strength conditioning, endurance training, programs to improve flexibility and balance, general weight loss and a range of other tailor-made health & fitness programs. We also cater for elite and aspiring athletes. In addition, we also provide special services such as attending a physiotherapist, chiropractor, sports physician or other specialist to gain a better understanding of your health conditions and to ensure you are receiving the appropriate attention and care   Our key mottos at Zenith Personal Training are: STRIVE Formulate your goals and ambitions; reach for the sky and don’t limit yourself by what you think you can’t achieve WORK This is the hardest part – put in the hard work and we will continue to motive you to reach your goals. A favourite saying of ours is: Never, Never, Never Give Up! SUCCEED If you develop realistic goals, put in the hard work and keep positive and motivated, you WILL succeed. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing and feeling success:)   Introducing Francis Onyango...Master Trainer Francis Onyango is the owner and founder of Zenith Personal Training.  His passion and commitment to helping others achieve their goals in health and fitness stems from his own experience as a professional athlete. Francis is a seasoned campaigner when it comes to health and fitness, having trained and worked at the highest levels in professional sport for over 15 years. Leveraging on this experience and expertise, Francis has obtained Certificates III and IV in Fitness with the Australian Institute of Fitness and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing). Francis is also a member of Fitness Australia and the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.

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