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By: Public-Democracy Pty Ltd  31-Jul-2016
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Public-Democracy Pty Ltd, through its subsidiary Public Democracy America Inc., owns and operates a Database of 114 million residents of the USA, all over the age of 18. As the owner of this database, Public-Democracy can directly connect with approximately 1 in 2 of adult US citizens. Backed by this powerful Big Data asset the Public Group is continuing to build partnerships between business, non-profit, political, government, sporting organisations, unions, and US faith and veteran communities. The database has been created over a 10+ year period and was extracted over this time from the primary US Voter File (Electoral Role) database, which is the major database used by the political parties for electoral purposes. The data-base has been updated each year by comparing it to entries on the official US Voter File database, in order to maintain its accuracy and currency. During this period (10 years) it has been used extensively (in excess of 100 campaigns) for the purposes of gathering opinions and attitudes on major topics, mostly for electoral and political campaigning as well as social purposes. THE LONGITUDINAL (ATTITUDINAL & BEHAVIOURAL) DATA FOR EACH USER IS HELD IN A BINARY FORMAT WHICH ALLOWS FOR BOTH STANDARD (POSITIVE/NEGATIVE) AND NON- RESPONSES TO ADD VALUE TO EACH ENTRY. There are approximately 1500 positive data points and anywhere from 10 to 50 times that number of negative or zero data points per user, totalling in excess of 8.5 trillion information units. This data, having been acquired over a 10 year period, provides a very accurate profile of US citizen & consumer behavioural and attitudinal values along with the moving social trends over the acquisition period. CLIENT SPREAD : A) POLITICAL Political organisations and campaigns (such as the US Presidential & Mid Term elections) have been using the database to gauge voter attitudes to proposed policies and to set campaign strategies. This is an ongoing exercise, as there are major elections every 2 years and regardless of who the candidates or elected members are, the nature of the information and the potential to leverage political advantage are always present. During a non-election year policy trials and attitudinal polls towards elected representatives are of major importance in order to maximize voter approval. So the political cycle is an ongoing source of revenue that is builds inherent value into the asset. CLIENT SPREAD : B) FINANCIAL Major financial institutions have expressed a desire to use the database contents to help fine-tune their product offerings and to target new clients who can be specifically identified into tight and narrow bands of interest and need. CLIENT SPREAD : C) SOCIAL Social and member driven organisations can provide a voice to their constituents by running ‘Feed-Back Loop’ and ‘Viral’ communications using the Public-Democracy App, which runs on smart devices such as phones and tablets, for instant attitudinal responses to ongoing events. This feed-back not only assists the organisations to tailor their offerings and services to their members for optimal effect, whilst minimizing wastage, but it also enhances the database by adding further valuable data points per user every time it’s used. CLIENT SPREAD : D) INDIVIDUAL Individual users are empowered by having access to a large audience, using the Public-Democracy App, with the ability to express opinions, ask questions, receive verification and garner support for issues that are of importance to them. The ability to interact with their elected representatives directly, with major organisations and with large numbers of other individuals and then receive real-time acknowledgements and information provides an instant reward/stimulus for further and on-going engagement. The extensive nature of the attitudinal, behavioural and values-based information, with a 10 year history covering 114 million US citizens, provides an in-valuable & highly accurate platform to gauge future attitudes, behaviour and consumer patterns.

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