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By: Petrina Hennessy  26-Sep-2013
Keywords: Personal Development, Life Coaching, Anxiety Counselling

​Life can be challenging, confusing and sometimes turn our world completely upside down. Bringing us to a standstill, shocked, unable to feel life and relationships. We’re left wondering why? What’s changed? Who am I in all of this? What in your life is not working for you? Has something changed in your life? Sometimes we try to fill the gap with food, alcohol, shopping, computer games and fast fixes. Sometimes we ignore the very things that are pulling at our Soul. This may lead to: Feeling out of control Unhappy relationships Going through life unable to feel anything Living someone else’s life or dream Bad habits that don’t serve you Inability to move forward Anxiety Sadness Anger Negative talk about other’s and your-self It’s OK you’re not alone, these are all natural responses sent to alert us that something needs our attention. And, somewhere deep inside you, are the resources to turn challenging, confusing, sad, bad or overwhelming feelings and emotions into stimulating, clear, joyous, good and positively life affirming choices!! Petrina can assist you to: Take charge of your life Be present, vital and joyful Live and love your life Let go of out dated beliefs Release painful emotions that stand in your way Help you attain emotional and mental clarity Confidence to live the life you always dreamed of Release fears Uncover your natural strengths and resources Relax into your authentic self Discover your greatest self If you are ready and willing for a change, you can start now. Through a mindful and compassionate inquiry into places where you feel blocked, Petrina can help you extinguish negative patterns, and recognize and express your true gifts in the world. Her specialties include helping you to have more fulfilling relationships, expand your creativity, overcome addictive patterns, get the career that you desire, release negative emotions such as fears, anxiety and sadness, develop your self-esteem, and experience greater personal growth.

Keywords: Addiction, Anxiety Counselling, Depression Therapy, Life Coaching, Personal Development, Stress Counselling

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