How to fit your greenhouse with shelves, stages, benches and watering system.

By: Greenhouse Galore  19-Sep-2011
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How to fit your Greenhouse with Shelves, Stages, Benches and Watering System Maximizing the Utility of your Greenhouse Shelving – One of the best things that you can do to maximize the utility of your greenhouse is the provision of a wider space where you can move, particularly in the floor area. You also need to think about height inside your greenhouse. When it has high eaves, it would be more useful in fixing shelves from the roof supports. The height of the roof would also provide good heating conditions for your plants as it would keep them warmer, which is better than lowering the roof. When installing shelves in an aluminium greenhouse, you need to buy brackets that you can fix to the roof and to the walls. You can either assemble it yourself or purchase aluminium greenhouse shelves for your purpose. Suggested size would be 10 inches for a seed tray. You can also purchase pre-cut size watering mats that soaks a lot of water and can provide sufficient amount of water for your plants. When possible, we would suggest fixed shelving which works well for a range of staging and fixed shelving. It would also include a flash potting bench and side table. Complete Details for Greenhouse Shelving During summer, plants like tomatoes grow to a great height, so they need shelving. Manufactured materials for this purpose are available on the market. There are a range of parts for staging and shelving you can find for the summer. You can provide a foldaway workstation, which is easy to install. It would only need a few wood screws that you could use for a wooden greenhouse as well. Greenhouse Propagation One of the best utilisations of your greenhouse is propagation and you can make use of your own with a grower. You can buy a range of hot benches or soil warming cables, rod thermostats and others items to provide bottom heat for your seedlings and cuttings. If your greenhouse lacks the supply of electricity, use propagation equipment that would provide extra warmth as well as protection for your tender plants. The extra few degrees of warmth mean that you do not have to worry much about it during colder climate. A mist propagation unit is also advisable for your grower. It provides a heated propagation bench that has complete artificial lighting to control during the day for out of season production. Of course, this type is not familiar or suitable for your greenhouse because it uses the dewpoint principle. Dewpoint principle is a patented principle that assumes that the air saturated with water vapour cools around the leaves of cuttings and plants. It eliminates moisture loss from the leaves but encourages healthier growth of roots. Note the dried surface of the leaves prevent moulds. Greenhouse Watering System When you construct a greenhouse some distance from your house, watering is quite taxing on you. Therefore, it would be advisable to set up your greenhouse near a water source where you can provide the sufficient amount of water needed for your plants. This is very important to maintain greater productivity and utility of the greenhouse. You can use also an automatic watering system with a reservoir where you do not have to worry about watering your plants. Another type of watering system is the drip irrigation system that can equally water your plants the whole day without undergoing a drought or flood cycle. You can use also a bag drip watering system when your greenhouse is far from the main source of water supply. Gardeners are aware that dried out compost is more difficult to get wet. Nevertheless, with a drip watering system, you can prevent this because the system will soak the compost with water when the cycle completes. If your greenhouse has a gutter, you can install a water cask outside it. This would certainly provide your plants with water that is lime free and at a completely enveloping temperature. Mains water can shock plants as it is relatively cold during summer.

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