Greenhouse Proper Placement and Position

By: Greenhouse Galore  19-Sep-2011
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Those of you who are planning to build a greenhouse, please always remember that you need to determine its proper placement and position, because it will play a major role in optimising its utility. Greenhouse Permit and Security Planning When you plan to build a greenhouse, you do not have to obtain permission. You can make your greenhouse a part of the extension of your house but you have to review some rules about a site distance from the boundary. If you are confused, seek advice from your local council to make sure that you know the place where it should stand. For allotment purposes, your greenhouse site needs authorisation from your local council who will legally give you a permit to construct. Also, you can consult your site rep or manager for better guidance. When you have already established the allotment as well as some gardens in your greenhouse, it is time to consider proper security measures that you would undertake for it. If your constructed greenhouse is made of glass-breaking materials, a stone thrown from outside your fence will surely harm it. To remove any worries about glass breakages, you should consider using plastic glass for your greenhouse. When planning to build your greenhouse, you need to consider a wider entrance for a wheelbarrow, or a wider space for easy movement inside. Greenhouse Lighting and Sheltering A greenhouse needs sufficient amount of light. You should build your greenhouse a fair distance from buildings, trees and bushes. This is because falling leaves from trees or sticky honeydew spilled by insects above a tree or sticky release from birds would likely create dirt and grime that would cause additional problems. Avoid positioning your greenhouse in the northern facing position as it usually hinders the light, which is something that is needed. Position your greenhouse between the houses and the prevailing winds. By doing so, it certainly reduces the wind to your greenhouse, thus, keeping up the temperature normal during spring and autumn. Do not build your greenhouse on the base of a slope as these usually serve as a layer of front pockets of collected cool air. Of course, such a situation would cause the temperature of your greenhouse to become colder, thereby defeating your objective. Choose the area on level ground. This is the best place to avoid water running through the house. It does make your greenhouse construction a lot easier. Greenhouse Drainage Make sure that the land surrounding your greenhouse has regular drainage so that you’re not cultivating sticky soil around its border at any time. Greenhouse Services The best greenhouse has water and electricity supply, or even gas if you wanted to have a central heating source. Something that is present in many greenhouses. So, make sure that your greenhouse is well lighted and has a sufficient supply of water. Greenhouse Orientation Your greenhouse orientation is generally designed from north to south or from east to west. Nevertheless, it does not really matter for any greenhouse has a wall on the north side. What is important is the fact that you have a greenhouse. It is much better to have a greenhouse than nothing at all.

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