Hydraulic Brake Valve, Hydraulic Energy Accumulator

Hydraulic Brake Valve, Hydraulic Energy Accumulator from gearvalves

By: gearvalves  01-Sep-2014
Keywords: Hydraulic Valves

1.Product Performance: HBV-L25 Hydraulic Brake Valve and HEA-L13 Hydraulic Energy Accumulator form the full hydraulic dynamic brake system is widely used in five to ten tons of forklifts truck brake system. This braking system has the following characteristics: 1) The valve can be share a hydraulic oil source with full hydraulic steering system. The steering and braking can work separately; also can be used in combination, and it doesn't create mutual interference when they work at the same time. 2) This brake valve compares with conventional hydraulic brake valve; the required components are much less. The structure is simple. 3) This brake valve has brake function for three brake functions of driving, parking and emergency stop, the braking is sensitive and no hysteresis. 4) The energy accumulator for this brake valve, has minimum braking pressure safety alarm switch, once the oil pressure in the accumulator is lower than 4 to 5 Mpa, the security alarm switch is automatically on or off. 5) The brake oil valve pressure for output end and pedal force into a linear scale, it makes the braking effect smooth and steady, comfortable when use the pedal operation. It improves the driver's operating strength.

Keywords: Hydraulic Valves

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