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By: Equiessence Kinesiology  13-Jan-2015
Keywords: Healing, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing

The answer is inside you - allow Kinesiology to open the door through muscle testing. Kinesiology identifies and diffuses causes of stress and imbalance in the systems of the body by using the body’s biofeedback system. It is specifically applied to one’s own unique and individual physiology. Biofeedback is via Indicator Muscles and Points,which identify where stress accumulates in the body. The Kinesiologist accesses the feedback through the 14 Meridian System and identifies the best correction through a digital database. This means a Kinesiologist can help virtually any condition. Holistic Kinesiology promotes enhancement of your whole being and balances personal goals and aspirations to any aspect of your life. Kinesiology is unique in that it uses a direct feedback system from the body –through the Kinesiologist acting as a facilitator; rather than relying solely on their skills and knowledge. Thus a Kinesiologist is able to read BELOW the surface of symptoms and provide possibly more skills than one single modality. Kinesiology’s strength also lies in the fact that it is non-invasive. A balance seeks to create harmony within each of the body realms.

Keywords: Chakra Balancing, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Healing, Spiritual Healing

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