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Other products and services from Modality Massage & Yoga In-Tuition


'A Balanced Drop' natural body care aromatherapy products

Blending pure essential oils with high quality natural ingredients to create unique aromatherapy products just for you. Clients receiving massage


Traditional Thai Massage

Is an ancient form of massage therapy that has its origins in Yoga. Through the years it has been influenced


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

A very light and gentle massage that stimulates fluid circulation and elimination. It aids detoxification and deep relaxation through the


Prenatal Massage

A gentle nurturing treatment to help relieve the muscle cramps, spasms and pain often encountered in the lower back, neck,


Pamper Packages

These treatments are created for that purely indulgent experience. Facials, foot soaks, full body exfoliation and scalp massages can be


Clinical Reflexology

A deeply relaxing therapy applied to feet and/or hands. Specific pressure is applied to reflex points, creating harmony between body


Aromatherapy Massage

Each massage uses a specific blend of essential oil that can assist you in achieving your desired mood and health

Yoga In-Tuition for Adults from Modality Massage & Yoga In-Tuition thumbnail

Yoga In-Tuition for Adults

Yoga for a better grip on life.  Start to reduce stress, relieve aches and breathe deeply immediately.

Relaxation to Remedial Massage services from Modality Massage & Yoga In-Tuition thumbnail

Relaxation to Remedial Massage services

Rest, Relax and be revitalized. A professional relaxation to remedial massage service to improve your health and wellbeing.