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Asthma and Allergy Relief from PureProtect Nepean

By: PureProtect Nepean  23-Dec-2010
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Creating Mould and Allergy Free Homes Most of us spend more than 90% of our lives indoors with a large proportion of this in our own homes. Our homes are so important to us, it is here we SHOULD feel safe, we can relax and unwind from our busy lives and enjoy our families. But have you ever thought your precious family home could be damaging your family’s health?   Growing scientific evidence indicates that our indoor environment can be far more toxic than outdoor air and the health risks are much greater, and those most vulnerable and at the highest risk are children, the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions.   What Causes These Toxins Toxins are very common in our homes and can be caused by many things, including mould, viruses, chemicals in cigarette smoke, by products from gas heating, dust and dust mites, pet dander, pollens, insecticides, paints, even your chemical cleaning products.   Health Effects Poor indoor air quality and mycotoxins can cause major health problems including life threatening respiratory conditions, worsening asthma and chronic allergic reactions, constant fatigue, and flu like symptoms.   PureProtect – The Experts in Home Health The surprising fact for many is that solutions to improving your Home Health are simple. PureProtect has developed a proven yet simple range of products, services and advice to make a difference to your home health. These include:   • Mould Remediation • Mould Inspections • Allergen Control • Dust Mite Control • Bacteria and Virus protection • Air Purification • Bed Bug Control • Air Conditioning Sanitising A regular PureProtect germ treatment will dramatically reduce the incidence of cross contamination and infection and improve the health of your home or office. Our treatment is a simple process and involves a misting or fogging of rooms with our non toxic, non allergenic products which once dried on a surface it will provide ongoing protection against the transfer of bacteria and germs. Our treatment provides true broad-spectrum antimicrobial surface protection, is leach resistant and totally food safe. PureProtect recommend monthly or quarterly treatments depending on the number of people in your environment, and whether there are specific health issues to be controlled. Environments suitable for PureProtect germ treatments:     Aged Care Child Care Hospitals and Health Care Veterinary Homes - indoors and outdoors Offices Food Manufacturing Gyms and Fitness Centres Schools including boarding houses rental Properties Gov Buildings   Odour Treatments include Cooking smells,Pet odours,paint,Fire/Smoke,Trauma,musty foisty mould odour,Bacterial odours. Deep cleans to Homes, busineses, Commercial Properties where eliminating germs, bacteria is paramount.  .  At PureProtect we are proud to deliver proven mould remediation solutions to our residential and commercial customers. Whether you're a home-owner looking to protect the health and well-being of your family, or a property manager or owner looking to protect your residents and your investment, the PureProtect Mould Remediation Programme can protect your property from persistent mould infection and related odours. The risks of mould... Mould in indoor environments can cause many health disorders including respiratory issues, fatigue and allergies. On a larger scale, these health concerns can contribute to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and Building Related Illness (BRI). As such, an effective mould remediation programme is essential for anyone who owns, leases or manages a property who wishes to: safeguard the health of residents comply with applicable health and safety standards or regulations preserve or enhance the sale or lease value of the property itself. 


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