Guaranteed Letterbox Distribution with GPS Tracking

By: MailPost Sydney  03-Mar-2012
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MailPost Sydney proudly offers 99% guaranteed letterbox distribution with owner delivery and GPS tracking to all our clients.

Let's face the facts...

Unaddressed promotional mail is second only to personalised mail as consumers’ most preferred medium for receiving marketing and promotional communications. It is preferred over TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and email. 

 * 74% of consumers prefer unaddressed promotional mail
 * 58% of consumers say it influences their buying decision
 * 57% of males and 55% of females purchase as a result of receiving it 

Consumers say they prefer unaddressed promotional mail because it: 

 * provides information about sales and specials
 * cuts down shopping time
 * provides useful shopping information
 * introduces variety to shopping
 * helps to make savings and allows price comparisons
 * is considered less intrusive to other advertising

What’s MailPost and how can we help you solve the problem?

Australia enjoys one of the world’s highest living standards, due in no small part to the enterprise, ingenuity and dedication of Australia’s business talent, and a long held belief that a highly motivated society is one of our best guarantees of maintaining our competitiveness on the world stage. 

The current state of the local and international economies provides a compelling reason for individuals to invest in their companies via expansion and evolving into more dynamic styles of business with the freedom to expand in areas never thought of possible. 

From modest beginnings MailPost Sydney has grown to become Australia’s largest independatley owned letterbox distributor, and an indispensable partner for many hundreds of individuals and organizations managing their cost affective and flexible advertising and marketing requirement. 

We believe that the comprehensive range of services we offer to our clients and the broader business community are more relevant and more meaningful today than at any time in the past. The need for flexibility and to have a guaranteed delivery system using world-class GPS tracking facilities is essential for the peace of mind of our current and future clients. 

Whether you’re a new business starting out or an established household name, a new franchise, a shop front or just simply expanding or needing more sale, we hope we can become your distribution partner, and help you gain competitive advantage for yourself, your organization, and Australia. 

Our Purpose – To Be The Letterbox Distributor 

Your business requires many things in order to succeed, for example, up-to-date equipment, dedicated staff, and flexible, cost effective ways of delivering your messages to households. 

Our History 

Founded in 2010, MailPost Sydney is a proudly Australian owned and operated company. From the humble beginning where we entered the letterbox distribution industry to now a leading letterbox distributor with over 200 owner operators and more being developed. 

Our Spirit – Fun, Unified, Smart, Energetic & Diligent 

That’s what we bring to our company. Every detail of our culture is “fused” – from our people, to our products, to the places where we help you promote your business. 

Our People 

MailPost Sydney aims to provide you with owner operators with the empathy required to understand the importance of your delivery. Our owner operators are proud, passionate and empowering people, dedicated to providing you only the highest quality service for your business. 

Our Product 

Letterbox print and distribution, with one compelling message – 99% Guarantee. 

Our Place 

Professional operators right where you need them – in the heart of business districts all over Sydney. Build up your business image without the associated price – and excite those hard-to-impress prospects! 

Our Price 

At MailPost Sydney, we strongly believe that by providing letterbox distribution at competitive rates, you can concentrate on what’s most important to you, and what brings you to us in the first place – your business. 

Our Promise – We Walk The Talk 

MailPost Sydney is proud to play a part in the success of your business – thanks to our guaranteed letterbox distribution with GPS tracking technology, combined with our owner operators who truely understand your requirements and effectively accommodate your needs.  

Visit our website for more information and make your bookings today!

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