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The Moon Diary and other Products are tools for the journey that come from the wellspring of the Feminine Soul. Encapsulated within these beautifully produced products are moon myths of many cultures and ideas for simple but powerful ritual. The Moon Diary and Wall chart (menstrual calendar)contain detailed and accurate moon watching information and rituals encouraging the development of sensory awareness and pleasure and celebration of Feminine spirituality. Both are researched and handwritten annually and will keep you up to date with times and dates of all of the phases of the Moon as well as Lunar transits and Void-of-course moon times.

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Moon Diary 2015


Moon Diary 2014

This is the original Southern Hemisphere Moon Dairy and now in it's 22nd year. Lovingly researched, handwritten and produced by Shekinah Morgan With information about lunar lore, myth and ritual and exquisite illustrations, the Moon Diary will become your constant companion. Moon phases, transits and void-of-course moon times enable accurate moon watching. Printed in Australia on paper which is 100% recycled post consumer waste. All care has gone into the reduction of our carbon footprint.

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Moon Diary Products

Moon Diary Products provide tools for the journey of discovering connection with the natural cycles and the Sacred Feminine. Keep the Moon Diary as your constant companion to help you to stay in touch with your own cyclical nature and those in your earthly environment.