Coolfan from Coolworks

By: Coolworks  18-Feb-2011
Keywords: Cooling, Cooling Systems, Evaporative Cooling

The predominant concept used by Coolfan to cool is evaporation through high pressure fogging.  According to rules governed by the psychrometric chart, the air temperature can be reduced while humidity increases simply by evaporating water into the environment.  When taking into consideration capital expenditure, on-going energy costs, uniformity, and water use; high pressure fogging comes out as the most popular cooling technique in many Australian industries.

The Coolfan itself has several features that set it apart from other products on the market:

  • 60L Storage tank, allows 2.5hrs runtime with no fixed water connection,
  • When fixed water connection used, system automatically tops up and runs continuously,
  • 0.4 Litre per minute high pressure pump,
  • Produces high pressure water (up to 1000psi),
  • 6 high pressure brass / stainless nozzles atomizing the high pressure water into a fog,
  • Digital controller for run intervals as well as run / dwell settings,
  • 3 speed high air flow fan, with 90 degree swing,
  • Adjustable fan height and tilt angle,
  • Robust chassis with 4 rugged wheels and brakes.

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