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By: Bull by the Horns  19-Jul-2013
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Personal Coaching is all about helping people to achieve incredible success in their personal life. Whether you want to find your purpose in life, create incredible health, attract a great relationship, get on top of your finances, or achieve a higher level of success in your career, a series of personal coaching sessions with a great coach can help you get there in the fastest possible time frame. The Personal Coaching process can be broken into 3 simple steps. Step One – An Inspiring Vision Before we can transform any area of life to create massive success, we need to have an inspiring vision. This vision has to be something that gets us excited; excited enough to get out of bed at 5am ready to do big things. This vision needs to be so exciting that we are prepared to do different things, outside of our comfort zone, in order to become successful. Often, the inspiration for this vision comes from things we haven’t thought about. Often the inspiration is an example of how our lives would be better if we achieved our outcomes. Imagine Joe Blow had a desired outcome to lose 10kgs. This is probably an outcome Joe has thought about on numerous occasions. Losing the 10kgs is probably at the front of Joe’s mind. If wanting to lose 10kgs was enough inspiration and motivation, Joe would have already lost the weight. It’s not exciting enough to inspire Joe to do something different like exercising or eating healthy. What would losing 10kgs mean to Joe’s life? How would Joe’s life be better if he lost the 10kgs? Now imagine Joe had 2 young children and losing the 10kgs meant he would have more energy to run around with his kids. The inspiring vision for Joe might be running around with his kids. What’s more likely to get Joe excited; losing 10kgs or running around with his kids? Step Two – A Bulletproof Plan Once we have an Inspiring Vision, we start to notice a new level of energy. We’re excited, motivated and ready to go. What do we do next? Often when all we do is set a really big vision, we’re left feeling slightly overwhelmed. We want the vision so badly, yet there’s no clear path to get there. If something doesn’t change, motivation drops and the vision gets put off. For this reason, it’s important to create a Bulletproof Plan that sets us up for success. The plan will consist of strategies to achieve the vision, milestones to measure progress and know we’re on track, and action points to get us moving. Step Three – Accountability So we have the Inspiring Vision, we have the Bulletproof Plan, and we have the action points. What happens if we don’t follow the plan? What happens if we don’t take action? This can be quite a common occurrence; after all, we are talking about working towards a vision which is well outside our comfort zone. The accountability that a coach brings to the table is invaluable at this point of our journey towards success. A coach will question the reasons why we haven’t followed through. Often, the story we tell ourselves around why we aren’t following through isn’t true and we don’t stop to question the stories we tell ourselves. A great coach will help us to look at the challenges from a different perspective and find solutions that enable us to get back on track and keep taking action. This is almost always the difference that makes the difference. Personal Coaching can help to deliver incredible results in any number of areas, including: Career Money Health Relationships Emotions To learn more take advantage of our Free 1:1 clarity session, valued at $299. By the end of this session, you will have created an inspiring vision of the future. This session is also designed to give you an experience of coaching, so that you know what’s in it for you UPFRONT. The clarity session can be conducted face to face or over Skype and is a great opportunity to get clear on what’s possible with a coach in your corner. Simply complete visit

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