YOGA NIDRA (DEEP RELAXATION) for Adults and Children recording on CD for home practice

YOGA NIDRA (DEEP RELAXATION) for Adults and Children recording on CD for home practice from Yoga Art and Soul

By: Yoga Art and Soul  17-Jan-2012
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YOGA NIDRA FOR ADULTS CD Yoga Nidra is deeply refreshing and revitalising, and brings many benefits. It is appropriate for children over 7 years, as well as adults. With regular practice one learns to fully and completely relax physically mentally and emotionally. This promotes the body's ability to heal itself, at every level. One can overcome sleep difficulties, develop the memory and increase knowledge and creativity. Through the sankalpa (personal resolve), you can direct the unconscious mind to bring about change, achieve goals, or change your direction in life. This CD contains 2 tracks - 20min and 30 min practices, and can be used to revive in your lunch hour at work, or when you get home, or any other time you need to relax or boost your energy. YOGA NIDRA FOR CHILDREN CD The CD has been developed in collaboration with children in the classroom and is very well received by both children and teachers. It is well suited as a classroom tool for teachers. Yoga Nidra is a simple but powerful technique, which has been developed from ancient yogic knowledge. It is the practice of dynamic sleep during which one appears to be asleep, but the consciousness is functioning at a deeper level of awareness. The child simply lies comfortably on the floor in a quiet room where there will be no disturbance for 25 minutes, and listens to the voice as it gently guides the practice. Yoga Nidra gives many benefits for children, as well as adults, but this CD has been developed especially for children 7-12 years old. With regular practice one learns to :- • to relax fully - physically, mentally and emotionally • develop the memory • focus the awareness • increase knowledge and creativity • transform one’s behaviour or habits • achieve life goals • overcome sleep difficulties • mitigate some learning difficulties It is deeply refreshing, leaving one relaxed and alert. The Cd contains 2 tracks -there are some initial balancing and calming yoga postures to enable your child to lie still for the following yoga nidra practice. During the practice the child is asked to make a resolve. This is a short positive mental statement about something the child would like to achieve in their life. This is impressed on the subconscious mind when it is in a calm receptive state. Over time the child’s mind absorbs the his or her own resolve and brings about the change. Children also enjoy using lavender eye bags, which help reduce distraction and block out the light. The lavender promotes relaxation of the nervous system. CD $20 Lavender Eye bags are $12 CD and Eye bag $30 Available from Lesley Goldacre - phone 42674040 or at Northern Suburbs Therapies Centre, 5 Hospital Road, Bulli - phone 42832646

Keywords: Deep Relaxation, Meditation, Satyananda Yoga, Yoga & Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Teacher