Falling Object & Roll Over Protection Systems

By: Mobility Engineering  23-Jul-2014
Keywords: Engineering, Mining, Agriculture

When operating in environments such as mining, construction and forestry sites, safety is consistently deemed to be a top priority. When in such hazardous environments, vehicle operators are at constant risk from their vehicle rollovers or heavy falling objects. Without adequate protection, such accidents can cause serious injuries or even death. Mobility Engineering offers protection for both of these scenarios with our: •Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS), • Falling Object Protection Systems (FOPS) and • Occupant Protection Guards (OPG). The installation of either of these protection systems are not only a practical safety feature of the vehicle, but a valuable asset that increases it value. In order to certify these protection systems, we have an in-house testing rig. Our Testing Facility is currently registered and in compliance with the Federal Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development and Local Government (DITRDLG). We also have a large rigid test-rig and diverse range of testing equipment. ROPS provide protection for the vehicle operator in the case of a roll over incident. This is done by strengthening the vehicle’s potential for energy absorption. The aim of the ROPS system is to limit the destruction of a vehicle cabinet in the case of a rollover accident. There are a variety of different ROPS structures, such as roll cages, bars or hoops. ROPS are extensively used in various industries, such as mining, forestry and agriculture. A FOPS system provides protection for a vehicle’s occupants using an engineered reinforcement installed into a vehicle to reduce possible injuries in the case of a falling object. An example of such can be a cage around a tractor to prevent damage from branches, rocks and other falling objects. These protection systems are extensively used in the forestry and mining industries.

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