Challenges Of Internet Security And Computer Security In Thailand

By: SafeComs  09-Dec-2011
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In this time of total revolution on the Internet and with the creation of social groups with extended ramifications inside most of the businesses and Enterprises, no wonder Internet Security is a growing challenge to most of security experts.

The challenges of Internet Security, commonly referred to as the CIA of computers, deals with the 3 main aspects of security:

Meaning preserving the confidentiality of the Data, while keeping them unaltered to guarantee the integrity of our model, but making the Data available to authorised users, and only them.

It is a common misconception to believe that Security is preserving Data from being accessible. What you need to reach in this model is the correct risk balance between usability and security. Totally secure models are impossible to work with, and totally open models are no better as they quickly become unreliable. The difficulty is in finding a level of acceptable risk that you are prepared to live with.

The same way it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety on any airplane, despite the fact that risks up there are pretty serious, we manage to trust the (some) airlines, the airplane manufacturers, maintenance engineers and air traffic controllers to a point that we step on a plane knowing and accepting the risks to enjoy the benefits of air travel.

With the same philosophy, Safecoms deals with the Challenges of Internet Security in designing computer systems and security to meet the requirement of 

Scalability, Manageability and Interoperability.

We make Computer Security using flexible solutions that will grow with your business requirements.

We take over total management of your security systems and perform constant monitoring to security your company.

And, finally we make Solutions that enable communication between all modules of applications, that can integrate into your existing database or accounting systems, and offer access from thin clients, supporting standard browsers.

SafeComs offers a full range of Computer Security Systems and Outsourcing Security Services, customized to your unique needs, at an affordable price. From day-to-day troubleshooting to strategic long term planning, we manage and support your network through proactive scheduled maintenance, whether it is on-site or done remotely, so your network, servers, computers and infrastructure are running optimally.

The services that save you time and money:

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