Bullseye hand held dGPS

By: GroundTruth Pty Ltd  17-Jan-2011
Keywords: Dgps Sales and Hire

Bullseye is the world's first totally integrated hand held differential GPS (dGPS).

  • Miniaturisation: Components have been reduced in size to accommodate a single handheld unit. Even the antenna has been made internal (you can attach an external aerial if required). There is no longer a need for backpacks, notepads, separate computers etc. And, our system is REAL-TIME, avoiding the need for post-processing
  • Accuracy: Depending on the signals you have been authorised to receive, accuracy to better than 10cm can be achieved. This is achieved in one unit. There is no need for localised base stations.
  • Communications: The unit comes with its own telephone communications. This can be expanded to satellite communications if required
  • Data synchronisation: Data captured in the field can be transmitted directly back to your central database if required. You can also transfer data from your database to the unit.
  • Customisation: We can customise your software requirements if off-the-shelf software doesn't meet your needs.
  • Ruggedness: Both the base unit itself and attached PDA, tablet PC or laptop are IP54 compliant (IP67 if required).

Keywords: Dgps Sales and Hire

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