Primitive Fire Lighting. Flint & Steel & Fire-Bow.

By: A Woodsrunner's Diary Publishing  20-May-2014
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More Details Of My New Book. Primitive Fire Lighting. Primitive Fire Lighting-Flint & Steel & Fire Bow. Title: Primitive Firelighting ID: 9784776 Category: History Description: “Primitive Fire Lighting”, is a hands on guide to how to make fire with flint and steel and fire bow. This includes some history, a variety of methods, tinder plants identification, and tinder production, tips on fire place construction and use, how to prepare and lay a fire, wet weather fire lighting and magnifying glass fire lighting. The skills and methods in this book will be of interest to a wider range of readers including survivalists, historical re-enactors, bush-walkers and campers, historical–trekkers and even historical novel writers. Although the plant identifications list is mainly Australian it also has some information for England, Europe and America. Publisher: Keith H. Burgess Copyright Year: © 2010 Language: English Country: Australia Table of Contents Illustrations. 4 FOREWORD. 6 FLINT AND STEEL FIRE LIGHTING. 8 PLANT FIBRE TINDERS: 11 TINDER PREPARATION. 15 Tinder preparation-charring: 15 OTHER FLINT and STEEL FIRE LIGHTING METHODS: 16 Emergency methods: 17 A WORD ABOUT BLACK POWDER: 17 THE CAMPFIRE FIREPLACE: 18 READING GLASS/MAGNIFYING GLASS FIRE LIGHTING 20 WET WEATHER FIRE LIGHTING. 21 A FINAL WORD OF CAUTION. 23 FIRE-BOW FIRE LIGHTING. 24 Introduction 24 FIRE-BOW FIRE LIGHTING. 25 A Brief Overview. 25 The Parts of the Fire-bow. 26 The Bow. 26 The Drill Piece. 27 The Fireboard. 29 The Tinder-board. 30 The Bearing Block. 31 The Bowstring. 32 Tinder. 32 Making Fire. 32 Making Cordage. 37 The Step for making Cordage. 38 AFTERWORD. 40 Fire steel suppliers. 45 About the author. 45 5.83" x 8.26", saddle-stitch binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-colour exterior ink. Cost: Book $11.00 US. Plus P&P. Download $7.00 US

Keywords: Australian, Buy Books Online

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