By: Sydney Massage and Acupuncture  31-May-2012
Keywords: Fitness, Massage, Health

Massage Therapy Remedial massage - uses deep massage techniques to locate and release areas that are either fatigued or weak to restore mechanical balance in your body. Relaxation massage - allows you to switch off giving the nervous system a chance to unwind, and for your whole body to re-charge. An effective antidote to our often over-stimulated bodies and minds. Sports massage - looks to stimulate fatigued joints & muscle groups from your chosen sport. Almost all sports cause muscular asymmetry. An effective sports massage aims to restore balance between under-utilized and over-utilized muscles.

Keywords: Fitness, Health, Massage, Relaxation, Sports Massage

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Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM Acupuncture - is used to treat a wide array of disorders and can be balance