Homeopathy for ADHD

By: BodyMind holistic healthcare  23-Oct-2011
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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is perhaps one of the more controversial areas in child & adolescent health today. Some of the debate is over the diagnosis while for others there is concern that the main treatment for ADHD is a class of drugs - the psycho stimulant amphetamines- that are generally considered to be both addictive and dangerous for adult use, let alone for children. Concerns regarding side effects (such as insomnia, dizziness, nervousness, nausea, mood swings, growth problems, loss of appetite) and the prospect of continued long-term use often fuels interest in how natural medicines such as homeopathy can treat the symptoms of ADHD. Being highly individualised, homeopathic treatment considers the whole individual rather than the disease as a name. The homeopathic method of prescribing on a ‘totality’ of physical, emotional and mental symptoms is designed to stimulate deep healing. Rather than suppressing symptoms or behaviours, homeopathy addresses the underlying cause or disturbance and works to bring the system into a state of balance. And because homeopathic remedies are produced in ‘ultra-dilutions’, the remedies are non-toxic and non- addictive and although they are very effective, there is no ‘drugging’ effect. With specialised treatment positive changes can begin to be observed over the first 2-4 weeks after taking the correct homeopathic remedy, with a continuation of progress over time. These changes include: o Improved concentration & focus, better grades at school, and improved social relationships o Less restlessness and impulsive behaviour, reduced stress, anxiety and/or mood swings, greater self-confidence and happiness o Improvements in overall health and general immunity. Homeopathy can be easily combined with conventional treatments including the use of Ritalin or Attenta. The medications can then be slowly reduced under the recommendation of your child’s doctor once improvements have been achieved with homeopathic treatment. For more information contact our homeopath, Lee Formica.

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