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By: BodyMind holistic healthcare  23-Oct-2011
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Within the field of natural fertility medicine, homeopathy is increasingly being used to improve reproductive health by re-establishing natural cycles of ovulation and by supporting the most favourable physical and emotional conditions to achieve conception. The program offered at BodyMind holistic healthcare is based on the work of Melbourne homeopath & international lecturer, Liz Lalor. Used in conjunction with homeobotanical tonic support, Liz Lalor reports a success rate of over 87% (at last count 238 babies from 271 couples). Supported by this success, the BodyMind fertility protocol consists of a series of non-toxic homeopathic remedies that are dissolved under the tongueReboot at set times during the menstrual cycle over a period of up to 12 weeks. This course of remedies is designed to: 1. Undo the suppressive effects of the pill & ‘reboot’ ovulation; 2. Strengthen the repro organs, stimulate ovulation & balance hormones; 3. Improve the quality of vaginal mucus and address candida issues; 4. Regulate emotional imbalances, reduce anxiety and melancholy and support sexual energy; 5. Support male fertility by increasing sperm count, and enhancing sperm quality (if required). The protocol is especially helpful if you have been on the Pill for an extended period of time, want to conceive as quickly as possible, or have a history of recurrent miscarriage. The program has also been used by couples after failed IVF cycles or in preparation for IVF, IUI or other conventional fertility treatments in order to increase the chances of success. Homeopathy uses natural substances in a highly diluted and non-toxic form to stimulate the body’s own natural healing response. The energetic nature of the remedies helps with mental and emotional aspects of pre-conception care (sometimes called ‘blocks’ to conception) in addition to treating physical dysfunction or imbalance.

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