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Tests To help assess your symptoms we undertake many testing procedures that will help us discover what is driving and causing those symptoms. Urinary Indican Test The Urinary Indican Test is an accurate simple and inexpensive screening tool. It allows identification of abnormal bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. If the results are positive, it suggests gastronintestinal toxicity as a result of protein putrefaction, the most common form of bowel toxicity. Current dietary and lifestyle practices have produced an increasing number of health disorders due to a malfunctioning digestive tract and the toxicity that results from it. The identification of bowel toxicity followed by effective treatment is invaluable to many patients. Zinc Taste Test We can determine how well you are absorbing your nutrients by this simple test. Zinc status can be easily and accruately assessed by observing a persons taste response to zinc sulphate. This test is simple, quick and effective in giving and indication immediately if a supplement of this important mineral is needed. Zinc is arguably the most important trace mineral and while its importance as an essential nutrient has been recognised for many years, only recently have we understood the full impact on health. Zinc is an essential component of both DNA and RNA enzymes, and is therefore vital for growth and repair of all tissues. It is paramount to the activity of a variety of hormones and it also plays a key role in the immune system. PhTest Over acidification of the body (cells, tissues & fluids) is the greatest contributor to illness. Acidification leads to the build up of toxins, as the growth of dangerous microforms like yeasts (Candida), fungi and harmful bacteria. This toxicity leads to stress and eventual illness. Modern daily diets and lifestyles create this acidic environment in your body. Studies show a direct correlation between acidification and a whole host of ailments in the body. The pH level (acid-akaline measurement) of your internal fluids affects every cell in your body. Your body regulates its pH just like it regulates its temperature. In doing so, it will even create stress on other tissues or body systems if it must. In order to realise proper pH balance, you must deal with every contributing factor to acidity. The great news is that when you get your pH in balance, you have really set the stage for optimal health. Hemaview We are very excited to introduce this accurate and reliable assessment of your blood. A simple drop of blood, which can be taken with a finger prick, is placed under the microscope and viewed on a big screen. The state of your general health is able to be assessed. With just one drop of blood, we can determine the size, shape and ratio of red blood cells, white cells and platelets. This information helps to determine the following risk factors. High fat diets Poor nutrition Oxidative stress and free radical damage Inflammation Immune system health Liver health Anaemia Stress You may have had blood tests before, but nothing compares to seeing your own blood live on the screen in front of you. Iridology This is a form of diagnosis using the iris of the eye. Every organ and parts of the body are represented in the eye. The colour and marking in the eye reflect the state of the body. This makes it a very useful tool in assessing your constitution, health and nuture points. It can determine certain aspects of potential weak areas in different body systems. Often something seen in the eye will confirm a diagnosis or suggest a new path of investigation. Other Tests Available Include Mood and stress assessment Cardiovascular risk assessment Allegy testing - a safe and accurate test where over 300 items are tested by a simple hair analysis Salivary hormone profiles Hair mineral analysis (shows heavy metals and various nutritional mineral levels) Complete digestive stool analysis Functional liver detoxification profile ( how well does your liver perform its detox function

Keywords: Health Supplements, Naturopathic Clinic, Naturopathic Tests

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Here at Naturally Dynamic Health, we also offer the most up to date Colon Hydrotherapy Centre between capital cities. We use cutting edge technology grounded in Naturopathic philosophy

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Take a better view of your life with Hemaview™, seeing is believing… Hemaview is a form of live blood screening that helps to improve your health more effectively. Using only a few drops of your blood, Diedre can investigate the size, shape and ratio of red cells, white cells and platelets in your blood.

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Mora Therapy is extremely versatile and benefits a wide range of conditions, provided no irreversible destruction of body tissues has occured. The therapy has shown especially good results with food and chemical allergeis, environmental poisonings and acute inflammation like colds and flus, sinus, hayfever, asthma, infections in children, metabolic disturbances (thyroid, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, pain, digestive problems, auto immune conditions and much much more...

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Many of us suffer a range of symptoms associated with poor functioning bowel. DynamiColonics is the North East region's premier Colon Hydrotherapy centre. The clinic offers the health conscious customer a professional, comfortable and highly modern centre that you can feel confident and relaxed in. Diedre is a registered nurse and fully qualified Colon Hydrotherapist and is a member of the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists. (I.ACT).