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By: Michel Group Services  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: City Council, Town Planning , Body Corporate

Over the past thirty years, a wide range of surveying services has been offered to meet development and statutory requirements, and the associated administrative services facilitate the issue of many thousands of titles in Queensland under the Land Act, the Real Property Act, the Building Units and Group Titles Act, and the Land Titles Act, and more recently, the Body Corporate and Community Management Act, and the Integrated Planning Act.

Similarly, in NSW the company has facilitated title issue under the Real Property Act 1900, Conveyancing Act 1919, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Strata Schemes (Freehold Development) Act 1973, Community Assessment Act 1979 and Community Land Development Act 1989.

The staff of Michel Group Services combine to form a highly efficient, professional organisation capable of providing a complete service including reliable information and advice and quality surveying products as follows.

  • Land subdivision and easement surveys
  • Leases - building and land
  • Detail surveys
  • Level and Feature surveys - digital terrain modelling - 400m2 to 40ha +
  • Engineering survey for roads, bridges, drain lines
  • Air photo control survey (GPS)

Identification surveys for encroachments onto public land, preservation of survey marks in construction areas.

The company has successfully executed hundreds of town planning consultancies in the south east Queensland region since 1976. Projects undertaken by Michel Group Services include inner-city urban renewal developments, broad acre subdivisions, and master planning of mixed use developments. The Gold Coast City Council has used our expertise to facilitate its own planning proposals as an “outsource” to assess “overload” applications.

We are able to coordinate and supervise the preparation of specialist reports from experts in traffic, flora, fauna, bushfire and stormwater to supplement town planning submissions.

The town planning section of the company specialises in finding quality solutions to the complex process.

Michel Group Services has suitably qualified surveyors who have between them over fifteen years experience in hydrographic surveying including bottom profiling for dredging, marina construction, flood investigations, dam storage volumes, erosion control investigations, marine charting and control of laying of submarine cables.

Surveying and Mapping the location (including depth soundings) of the seabed and banks of both tidal and non-tidal waterways in support of the following marine projects.

  • Dredging
  • Marina Design and Construction
  • Flood Studies
  • Water Storage Works
  • Erosion Control Studies
  • Marine Charts
  • Submarine Cable Design and Construction.
Installation and Calibration of G.P.S. navigation systems for dredges, pile barges, floating cranes etc.

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