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Editing services

Editing services includes jobs like proofreading, reformatting, structural editing, copyediting and index checking.

Document Development

Document development has assessment, writing and editing components. Assessment involves talking about what you need, finding out about the character of your business and discussing the purpose of your documentation. This part costs you nothing and is obligation-free, but we can provide a written assessment report for a fee.

Should you choose to continue, we will then confirm our understanding of your needs and agree on the terms of the work. For example how long it will take, how much it will cost, payment terms, how many revisions are included and what our mutual expectations are. The quote is valid for 30 days, so you can take some time to think about it if you need to.

When the writing and editing is finished, we'll get together again and make sure everyone is happy with the final result.

Odd jobs

Some jobs will not fall neatly into either editing or writing or designing. You might have an odd job that requires a bit of editing, design or developing. For example, you may be trying to create a complex flowchart for a proposal, or you might be stuck part-way through designing your own ad or website.

Lacuna might be able to help you complete the job. Sometimes just having a fresh perspective can help. Odd jobs are fully assessed like any other piece of work, but will probably be costed a bit differently to other jobs. It might even be cheaper than you think to get someone else to finish it off.

General terms

Terms and conditions of individual jobs are negotiatied between Lacuna and you. However, the following are some general terms that apply to all jobs.

Copyright on any material developed by Lacuna belongs exclusively to your business on completion of the job.

Two revision opportunities are included in all writing jobs.

A fee of 10% of the total quoted price (on jobs over $200) is payable if the job is cancelled after it has substantially commenced.


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