By: Intaphaze  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Mobile Phone, Emergency Breakdown

You Don’t have a Call out fee how do you stay in business?
By organising work into group areas, we reduce our traveling time, So work in the Kawana area is booked together. We also use the traveling route to go to customers.

Can i ring you on the mobile phone for assistance?
We will answer the mobile phone or return calls during traveling or my breaks during the day, We usually check the phone every hour if we are on a major install, We don’t expect customers to pay for the time it takes to call other customers.

How do you invoice?
We process our Invoices electronically, we can Post or Email the invoice anywhere. We prefer the account to be settled within 7 days, or by arrangement.

Currently or charge rate is $88/hr, for the first Hr 1 hr minimum, $66/hr after the first hour completed, Charged at .25 hr increments there after.

Emergency Breakdown Call out
What If i have a Breakdown that needs urgent repair?  
If you have an emergency and we are not currently engaged in another breakdown we will immediately proceed to you location. Please note you will be charged $66/ hr per person during travel to your location.

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Keywords: Emergency Breakdown, Mobile Phone