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Keywords: Marketing Strategy, Budget Planning

If you don't have a plan, then the saying is "that you plan to fail. 

We structure your plan according to the research we hae completed and the budget you have set. Knowing what you have going on every month to move your business forwards is key to achieving growth in your business. 



Knowing how much you have to spend each month is vital, once you have the figure - we can work out cost of your overheads and then work out the benchmarks and targets you need to hit to achieve your financial goals. 

Marketing Strategy meetings

We allow time for monthly strategy meetings 

Campaign Concepts and pitch developed

We will concept out the best pitch to attract your target market and elevate your business to increase sales and exposure. This will be the culmination of our planning stage and this is the document that we will refer to when developing future campaigns. We will have your style guide in place so you have integrity with your brand and each aspect of your marketing will be developed to work within this structure. 

Marketing Action Plan concepted and finalised

Marketing Plans are all very well, but unless you have a timeline and an expenditure guide per month you will never implement it. Knowing what you are doing, when and how much it’s going to cost is vital to making sure the campaign works as planned. 

Marketing Strategy developed 

Once we have all of the research completed we will develop the marketing strategy document which not only has a copy of the action plan in it, it has the benchmarks and financial forecast in it as well. 

Keywords: Budget Planning, Marketing Strategy

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Design Phase

At Garnish Marketing we have a dedicated design team who look after all of our design work from the smallest postcard right up to building signage and anything else required. If you decide to do a trade show we will develop your stand area to suit the size and style. We will obtain all quotes and manage design and creation of any merchandise required. We can design and print labels of any shape and size and manage all print jobs.


Set Up Phase

Social media - like it or not is here to stay, having a profile online is a great way to get people to like your business and find out more about what you. Once your plan is complete there will be an element of setting up to complete before we can move onto the design phase and ongoing marketing phase. It is important to have all of your templates, profiles and directory listings set up before you move forwards.



You need to know who your competitors are, what they are doing to take some of the market share, what your target market responds to and is actively looking at, and then you need to know what avenues are available for you to use within your marketing campaign so you choose the right methods to market your business effectively.


Continuous Marketing

As you develop and launch new products or special offers we will work the launch into the campaign. We will continually think up new and innovative campaigns to help to promote your business. We will run and manage your advertising campaigns so you never miss a deadline again. We will manage your social media profiles on a daily or weekly basis for you. We are able to write regular press releases to promote your business.



We will assist with conceptual work, complete design and management of campaigns and all marketing material and marketing tools as well as research, reporting and strategy conception for your sales processes. Our aim is to ensure that your company is talking to the right target market in the right way, on time and to budget in order to increase your public profile and your bottom line.



We will contact the database by phone to find out who is the best person to talk to at that company. We will build databases specific to your target market of a minimum of 100 companies per month. Networking and functions on behalf of your company as your BDM. We will also attend face to face appointments where necessary. This is based on 100 calls per month minimums. 25 calls a week – allowing 3 mins per call.