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By: Focus4it  09-Dec-2011
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Home and Business Services

focus4IT offers Computer services to Business and Consumers, see the list of our primary services in the left margin. We can support your home computer or offer Managed Services for your corporation. Our engineers have experience in all aspects of computing and can help with hardware, networking, operating systems or third party software applications such as accounting packages, Medical or Dental software and more.

Our Computer engineers are qualified specialists and are available for your home computer or corporate business servers. We can assist you at your location, at our service centre or via remote access, the choice is yours.

Our International Service Partners

focus4IT Consulting

  • Infrastucture Planning
  • Security - Biometrics for access and authentication
  • Network setup and restructure
  • Business Planning - tactical and strategic

focus4IT provides Computer service and support for your Home and Office. Our services are available on-site at your location or at our service centres,

you have the choice

. Our typical services for Home and Small office are as follows:

  • Install and configure new PC or MAC
  • Configure Printers and Multi-Function Printers, USB and Networked
  • Set up modems and routers to suit your Network requirements
  • Virus, Spyware, Trojan and Rootkit removal
  • Windows and Apple OS configuration
  • VOIP phone installation and configuration
  • Data Recovery
  • Database and third party software installation and customisation
  • MYOB and Quickbooks installation, configuration and customisation
  • Small business IT planning and procurement
  • Website design and development

Our Data recovery services fall into two categories:

1, if the drive is readable we can usually recover your data at our service centre. 2, If the drive has a mechanical failure, we will need to send the drive to a dust free forensic lab to recover the data.

Of course, the best solution is to always backup your critical data!

VOIP is for Home and Businesses that want to save money on Telephone bills and eploit the flexibilty that comes with VOIP. Services we offer:

  • Advice on the best VOIP solution for your requirements
  • Procurement of VOIP equipment
  • Setup of VOIP services with your Provider
  • Configure your VOIP phones and equipment

focus4IT has the expertise to help you with your Accounting software. We can help with MYOB and Quickbooks and most other Accounting software packages. You don't have to pay the high fees charged by the software Manufacturers to fix a problem with their software:

  • Advice on the most appropriate Accounting solution for your Business
  • Procurement of software
  • Installation and configuration of the Accounting Software, local PC and Servers
  • Recovery of Accounting data/database
  • Business specific implementations

focus4IT can offer Software Development services to suit your requirements and budget. Whether you need a new database application to support your business or a commercial web site, focus4IT can provide the skills and the manpower.

Using the latest technology we can design and build your application to suit your business and customer requirements. We believe in building solutions that grow with your business to ensure you are always up to date with the latest technology and stay ahead of the competition.

focus4IT can provide and install Business servers for your company or perhaps migrate from an old Server to a new one. We can also setup Regional servers so that your branches, offices and shops can connect for Security and Data sharing.

  • Small Business Server
  • Domain Controllers
  • Web Servers
  • Sharepoint Servers

focus4IT also custom build high spec reliable servers at competitive prices, why pay more for a name brand with the same components?

focus4IT Consulting will listen to your requirements for your business and customise a Sharepoint respository system to suit the needs of your management team and staff.

  • Sharepoint Modelling
  • Site Creation
  • Workflow customisation
  • Content searching - iFilters
  • Legacy systems interface
  • 3rd party software interface
  • Sharepoint Security for Users and Groups

Sharepoint when used appropriately for your business can boost productivity and subsequent bottom line profits.

As a Microsoft Partner, focus4IT is offering Cloud Computing with Microsoft Online for Customers that don't have the need to run their own Servers. Using the Telstra T-Suite network for global access, focus4IT can setup and customise a Cloud solution to suit your company, here are a few of our typical services:

  • Exchange Online - Mailbox and Calendar collaboration and sharing
    • Migration of users from current system to Exchange Online
    • Data migration of Mailbox to Exchange Online
    • Domain Name Server configuration
    • Outlook configuration on Client PCs
  • Sharepoint Online - full access to all the great features of Sharepoint (Data and Content Repository)
    • Sharepoint Modelling
    • Creation of Sites
    • Importation of Data
    • Sharepoint Security for Users and Groups

Cloud computing may not suit every company but used correctly can help your company to grow while keeping bottom line costs down.

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