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By: Exclusive Piano Group  09-Dec-2011

Steinway pianos are built to last for generations, and do. Since 1853, Steinways have been handmade to the same uncompromising standards, each one requiring up to a full year to complete. And, not only are Steinway pianos unique for their longevity, but they have an incomparable history of financial appreciation.

A Forbes magazine study revealed that Steinway grand pianos outperform such other notable investments as exotic cars, vintage wines, and classic yachts (not to mention other pianos). Also, imagine that a fifteen-year-old Steinway more than doubles in value, while a fifty-year-old Steinway is often worth four times its original purchase price.

Investing in the proper care for your Steinway is a wise decision indeed. And no one is as capable of restoring your piano to its original perfection than the factory craftspeople and restoration specialists of the Steinway Restoration Center. 

The Steinway Restoration Center is the only authorized Steinway piano rebuilder in the United States. We accept pianos from institutions, piano technicians, and retailers, as well as private owners. The Hamburg factory also offers restoration too, as well as the Steinway Halls in London and Berlin.

Only genuine Steinway parts are used, to guarantee that your piano remains 100% a Steinway. All work is backed by a Steinway warranty. And importantly, for future investment appraisal or sale, you'll receive a dated certification record on all services performed.

Whether your cherished Steinway is in need of custom refinishing, or replacement of the action or soundboard, it couldn't be in better hands.

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Specialists who are working for Steinway & Sons for many years and who are keeping the mission statement of Steinway founder Henry E. Steinway “to build the best piano possible” in their hearts. The restoration center was founded especially for those owners of grand and upright pianos who want to be sure that their instrument is in the hands of Steinway specialists.


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Choose a place with the right atmospheric conditions, preferably against the inside wall of a room and not close to windows, outside doors and radiators or heating outlets. Irrespective of whether high polish or satin finish, your piano should only be wiped with a soft, dry piece of cloth or a slightly moistened leather cloth.