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By: Emergency Locksmiths  09-Dec-2011

24 hr Locksmith Sydney • Eastern Suburbs • Lower North Shore • Inner West

Whether you are locked out of your car, home or office you can depend on our emergency locksmith to get there quickly.

Our after hours mobile locksmith’s are on standby 7 days a week. Sydney metro average response times are:

  • Eastern suburbs: 20 - 30 minutes
  • Lower North shore: 20 - 30 minutes
  • Inner West: 20 – 30 minutes

When you book a call out with Link Locksmiths you will speak directly to a 24 hour Sydney locksmith who will give you an accurate indication of how long it will take to arrive. If our technician is on a job he will tell you where he is and how long he expects to finish, and if it’s too long we will recommend someone else that services the Sydney metro area.

It’s these points of service that differentiate us from the competition – we are here to help, even if we can’t get there.

A little tip when choosing a 24 hour locksmith: Be wary of those companies that claim they will be there within half an hour. Ask them where they have to travel from. We often get calls from frustrated people who have been waiting over an hour for a locksmith who told them he would be there within half an hour. If we can’t get there quickly we will tell you.

Locked out in Sydney? Our 24 hr locksmiths are on call to the Eastern Suburbs, Lower North Shore and Inner West

  • When locked out of your home, depending on the type of lock, we will first attempt to pick it.
  • Picking is a way of manipulating the lock that doesn’t cause any damage, so the lock can continue to be used.
  • If you have lost the keys, once we have picked the lock open we can then rekey it so the old key no longer works.
  • Our 24 hr locksmith will use a variety of tools to manipulate your lock, from hand picks, to electric pick guns.
  • As a result we achieve a high level of success on our gain entry jobs using picking.

If a lock does not pick within 10 minutes we then move on to impressioning your lock. There is an extra charge incurred for the labour but it is an effective way to gain entry should picking be ineffective. It involves cutting a key to the lock by inserting a key blank, a process that generally takes between 5 and 15 minutes. A good locksmith should always resort to impressioning your lock before using destructive entry. Before you book a 24 hour locksmith ask them if they will attempt to impression the lock before using destructive entry.

If both of the abovementioned methods are unsuccessful then we will destroy the cylinder and replace it with a new one. This does not damage the door, and there is an additional charge incurred for parts. It’s not all that often that we resort to destructive entry, however some locks have built in security measures to make them pick resistant or have combinations that make them difficult to pick.

  • Our professional tradesmen are on standby right now, to get you in to your home, office or car quickly. Just call our hotline to speak directly to our 24 hour locksmith.


  • How does picking open the lock?

Picking the lock is a way of manipulating the tumblers to their correct heights one by one. It takes patience, feel and experience. Every lock is different. Some will open within the first 2 attempts. Others may take 20 minutes depending on the order in which the tumblers need to be manipulated.

  • Does a pick gun damage the lock?

No – a pick gun simply bounces the tumblers in their chambers until the tumblers have been “caught” at the necessary heights to open the lock. The principal on which it operates works well on pin tumblers, not so on wafer locks.

We insert a blank to get markings on where the tumblers are located. Once we have the spacing, we go for the depths. It produces a working key after the correct depths have been filed into the key blank. It’s a technique we use to open your lock should picking be unsuccessful.

  • Does impressioning damage my lock?

No – it does however mildly increase the tolerances in the lock, making it a touch easier pick, but only marginally. The lock can be re used after being opened with impressioning.

  • Does my lock have security pins?

Some brands come fitted with security pins from the factory. These locks are much more pick resistant and more often than not need to be impressioned or destroyed. One such deadlock that uses security pins is the YALE brand. Should you have a YALE deadlock we will attempt to pick it, however you should be aware that picking is not a highly successful method on these locks. If you have a regular cylinder and want higher security then we can install security tumblers onsite. The benefit is that the lock becomes much harder to pick, providing greater protection against bump key attacks.

Need a 24 hour locksmith in Sydney?

We service the Eastern suburbs, Lower North Shore & Inner West. Call Link Locksmiths for professional gain entry.

Testimonial – “Ok well firstly I would like to thank you for coming out and saving me in the middle of the night especially since it was pouring rain and miserable. As requested you have asked I review your services with my testimonial to be published on your website on the condition I was happy with your 24 hour emergency locksmiths services and I was so here is my review. Nat from Link Locksmiths is getting my thumbs up for changing my locks and replacing my keys at 2 am after I got home from a night out only to find I had left my keys god knows where. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs a lock and key technician in Sydney. I perosnally used their services in Bondi and highly recommend their 24hr Locksmiths to anyone in need of a reliable and cheerful professional” James – Bondi

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We provide a complete 24/7 emergency and after hours locksmith service. Are you locked out? We can get you in.