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Electralarm Australia Pty Ltd has been delivering quality and professional solutions in Security to a broad range of both Residential and Commercial clients since 1973. Electralarm uses only quality products from supplier companies such as ADI International (Honeywell), Direct Alarm Supplies and Bosch.


A Monitored Alarm System requires the telephone line to enable communication back to the Monitoring Control Room receiver.

In the event of the line being cut or disconnected, no alarm signal can be transmitted and hence the Operator would be unaware if your alarm was activated.

Cellular Technology

Electralarm invests in “The World’s most Advanced Security System”

The telephone line is the weakest part of a Security Alarm monitoring system.  Polled Cellular does not rely on the standard telephone line to send the alarm signals through to the monitoring control centre. Essentially the Polled Cellular wireless system has eliminated the weakest part of the Security Alarm monitoring by interrogating the panel at regular intervals to ensure continued functionality.

Closed Circuit Television

A Closed Circuit Television System is typically made up of:

CAMERA – both mono and colour cameras are available. These can be set in fixed positions or placed on pan-tilt devices which enable them to be moved from left to right or up and down. The use of a zoom lens allows the operator to get a closer view of an object such as Motor Vehicle Registration number or a person.
MONITOR - similar to a standard television set, however, it lacks the electronics to pick up regular television (monitors are available in mono and colour).
TIME-LAPSE RECORDER - Increasingly digital recorders are replacing analog video recorders providing better results. 
CONTROL UNIT - in a system with more than one camera, a control unit is required to control each video signal going to the DVR and the monitor.


Electralarm supplies a range of intercom systems with true hands free operation. All that is needed is the push of a button to answer a call then all communication with the door station is hands free. 

Systems may includes one door station and  accommodate up to two internal stations, while the expanded system allows for two door stations and up to 3 internal stations.  Both systems are flexible in that they allow the user to mix-and-match both video and audio internal stations.


Including Motion Detectors, Smoke Detectors and Glass Break Detectors - Electralarm stock a wide variety of Detectors to ensure your premises are safe and secure.

Rate of Rise Heat Detectors

In “dirty Air” environment where the air is full of dust particles such as a wood machinery shop a standard smoke detector can fail.

A Rate if Rise heat detector determines the change in thermal heat in the area being monitored and is less likely to fail in the harsher environment.

Smoke Detectors


Electralarm strongly recommends the installation of Smoke Detectors in conjunction with your Security Alarm System. In the event of a fire a Smoke Detector can save your life or the life of your loved ones.


An alarm siren provides peace of mind for you and acts as a deterrent for a would-be intruder.   A siren alerts the surrounding areas that there has been a breach in the premises security.  Local Councils have Noise regulations with limits on how loud a siren can be and how long it can sound.  This should be taken in to account when you are choosing a siren to match your Electralarm Security Alarm System.


If a burglar breaks into your house and the alarm goes off, wouldn’t you like to have a picture of the culprits?

Wouldn’t you like to know that you can retrieve a picture of the culprit within 20 seconds of the incident.  Ordinary security systems do not give VIDEOFIED proof that a crime is happening within seconds of an intrusion. Do you have the vision to get VIDEOFIED?

Magnetic Reed Switches

A large range of Magnetic Reed Switches are available to protect areas such as doors, windows and the all important but sometimes forgotten roller doors.  They are designed to handle all applications.

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Electralarm is also fully licensed for the installation of Data and Communication Cabling under the Australian Communications Authority and all work is completed to the appropriate Australian Standard. Systems may be designed to suit any residential or commercial application monitoring the movement of traffic and allowing access to authorised people into certain “High Security” areas.