Electralarm Services

By: Electralarm  09-Dec-2011
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Electralarm Services

Electralarm Australia Pty Ltd has been delivering quality and professional solutions in Security for a broad range of both Residential and Commercial clients since 1973.

Electralarm services are supplied by a team of professional people all with a wealth of knowledge in the industry and of industry requirements.  Electralarm is fully licensed under the Security Providers Act Queensland 1973 and only uses fully licensed technical and Control Room personnel.

Electralarm is also fully licensed for the installation of Data and Communication Cabling under the Australian Communications Authority and all work is completed to the appropriate Australian Standard. Our services include..

The Design and Installation of Electronic Alarm Systems

Now you can sleep easy!

The need for secure and reliable security infrastructure increases as cities grow and prosper. Security affects all areas of our lives whether it is our business or our home. Security makes it possible for both people and companies to operate in a competitive economy by safeguarding against a wide range of threats.

The Design and Installation of Closed Circuit Television Systems

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV as it is better known can be installed to monitor many security situations.

Electralarm designed CCTV systems are now broadly used to describe the growing array of video systems within a building or public area used to visually monitor a location for security or industrial purposes.

Systems may be designed to suit any residential or commercial application monitoring the movement of traffic and allowing access to authorised people into certain “High Security” areas. CCTV systems may be recorded and viewed on-site or remotely.

24hr Back to Base Monitoring Services

The installation of an Electralarm Security Alarm System is a vital investment in protecting families, property, plant and possessions 24 hrs a day. When you combine this investment in an alarm monitoring device with 24 hr back to base monitoring you can turn your alarm into an even more effective security system.

High Risk Monitoring Services

Are your Security Alarm systems in the high risk area?   Are you a Jewellery shop, retail store, liquor store or are you in any other vulnerable area?

Are you aware that If you are using a dialler-based alarm system, the Control Room has no way of telling whether your phone line, which is used to transmit messages by your security system, has been compromised in any way? 

Control Room

Providing interactive security monitoring Electralarm operates a fully computerised control room utilising the latest upload/download software programs to enhance flexibility in the supply of high quality monitoring services.

The Electralarm Control Room is manned 24hrs a day by professional, qualified operators trained to assist Customers in all aspects of their home or business security and operation of their alarm systems.

Data Communication & Cabling

Electralarm understands the importance of all work being performed by licensed and accredited operators. 

Electralarm only engages fully licensed Cable Installers licensed by the appropriate authorities to ensure that all work carried out conforms to Australian Standards.



Security Guard Services

Electralarm Security Guard Services can secure your property as part of a routine patrol or attend your premises for any special reason such as an alarm activation or reported incident.

Additional security officers can be called in to guard your premises

if required. Our 24hr Monitoring Centre is in contact with the guards at all times.  

In the event of a Guard Response being requested it is important the Guard has access to the premises. If you are in a secured area Electralarm should be supplied with access to any gates that are installed as well as keys to your premises.  The Guard is then able to perform an internal check. 




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Systems may includes one door station and accommodate up to two internal stations, while the expanded system allows for two door stations and up to 3 internal stations. Smoke Detectors and Glass Break Detectors - Electralarm stock a wide variety of Detectors to ensure your premises are safe and secure. Polled Cellular does not rely on the standard telephone line to send the alarm signals through to the monitoring control centre.