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By: Atlantis Video  09-Dec-2011

PAL - Phase Alternating Line
Developed by Walter Bruch at Telefunken (Germany) and used in much of western Europe, Asia, throughout the Pacific and southern Africa. PAL has a higher resolution than NTSC with 625 lines, but it runs at 25 frames per second.NTSC - National Television Standards Committee
Introduced in 1954 as the first set of standard protocols for television. It is used throughout the USA, Canada, Japan and elsewhere. NTSC has 525 lines displayed at 30 frames per second. It has a lower resolution then PAL or SECAM but a faster frame rate which reduces flicker.SECAM - Sequential Couleur Avec Memoire
SECAM was developed in France (predominantly a political decision) out of PAL and is used in France and territories, C.I.S., much of eastern Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa. This system uses the same resolution of PAL, 625 lines, and frame rate, 25 per second, but it is not compatible to PAL. Most of France has now converted to PAL

Other products and services from Atlantis Video


Atlantis - Other Tape Transfers

Your original media is transferred directly onto DVD or Blu-Ray, so there is no loss of quality or interference with the image condition. For special events, or gifts, personalised artwork design options for the DVD case can be discussed on tape drop off. Atlantis Digital has been servicing Melbourne's video transfer needs for over 25 years.


Atlantis - Services

Transferring slides, negatives, still photographs or photos on disk to edited slide shows on DVD or VHS. Transferring 8mm & 16mm film to DVD, VHS and MiniDV. Mastering audio cassette tapes to CD.


Atlantis - Film Crews

They have well established, award-winning track records filming documentaries, reality shows, magazine shows and promos for leading domestic and international broadcasters such as ABC, Nine, Ten & Foxtel Network. The company uniquely combines a national network of high quality local camera crews with the ownership of an extensive inventory of camera, lighting and grip equipment.


Atlantis - Duplications & Transfers

A recordable DVD-R stores up to 2 hours of very good quality DVD-Video, including several audio tracks in formats like stereo, Dolby Digital or DTS and also advanced menu systems, subtitles and still pictures that can be played by many standalone DVD players and most computer DVD-ROMs. If you choose to lower the video quality it is possible to store several hours of video onto the DVD - 4 hours maximum.


Atlantis - Equipment

In addition to a wide range of Pal equipment, The company's inventory also includes a comprehensive range of lighting and grip equipment providing clients with a one-stop solution. Atlantis experienced technical support and engineering team is well respected in the industry for its production expertise in both established and emerging formats.