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By: Asken Research Pty  09-Dec-2011

Over the years many of our clients have employed us to research information related to their operations that they simply do not have the time or resources to undertake.

As a result we now offer an Information Research service to assist you in finding critical information to assist you in your business activities.

Well, actually, anything that can be research over the internet. For example -

  • sites that offer information you want to review regularly
  • RSS feeds of technology and other business news
  • what your opposition is doing
  • new technologies related to your products
  • specific product information for new purchases
  • price comparisons for new purchases
  • even holiday information for staff
  • basically anything we can research using the internet.

How Do We Do It?

Simply, we search the internet. Knowing your requirements we search the internet for relevant information and compile a report on the results.

Reports are unique to each clients needs, but may include the following -

  • always, a list of websites where the information was sourced
  • results of comparisons in an easily understood format
  • details of specific data extracted from the relevant websites
  • cross references between sites that supports the information contained
  • and, of course, anything you specifically require.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Client often identify one or more of the following reasons -

  • staff are simply more valuable performing other duties
  • staff get sidetracked and go wandering the internet, wasting time
  • we don't give staff access to the Internet
  • and you guys are experienced with the internet and familiar with search principals.

Where To Now?

As with everything we do, we desire to keep the process as simple as possible, yet comprehensive enough that we deliver the result you desire.

Your Requirements

The Cost

How long is a piece of string? Well, we work on an hourly rate, but will provide a fixed price if the requirements are clear and we can reliably determine the time required. But talk to us. We are aware of your concerns in this matter and will do our best to find a satisfactory arrangement.

Making Payments

If you reside in Australia you can pay be cheque or we can arrange for direct deposits to our bank account.

And finally, if you provide us with your credit card details and written authority we can process payments directly.

I am confident you will not be disappointed.

Jeff Pritchard

(Solutions Manager)

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