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By: Asken Research Pty  09-Dec-2011
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Microsoft Access Database Development

At Asken, one of our core services is the development of custom Microsoft Access databases to suit your requirements.

Secondary to that are the following -

  • Customising databases we have already developed, to suit your requirements.
  • Modifications to Microsoft Access databases that you already have, either in development or actively in use.
  • Conversion of Access databases from one version to another.
  • The usual services to compliment development, such as data structure and interface design, testing services, data entry, and technical and user documentation.

We have put together a simple method for you to get that long awaited database project finally started. The method is simply a basic database structure that you can then customise to your requirements. We call it the Foundation Database as it forms the foundation of your system.

The Foundation Database

  1. It is a complete multi-user database application in a split configuration; two files, one for data and the other for the interface. The maximum number of users is limited only by Microsoft Access specifications.
  2. Data file version validation to ensure your copy of the interface is compatible with the data file.
  3. Interface version validation to ensure no user is working with an older version of the interface.
  4. System information, such as the path to the master interface and data files, is stored in an INI file, not the Registry.
  5. Basic tables for report and lookup list management, interface and data version tracking.
  6. Data-entry forms for maintaining lookup tables and system defaults.
  7. A complete categorised report listing for unlimited reports. This includes report filtering and multi-listing in categories.
  8. A similar categories listing for queries (view) of your raw data.
  9. System Defaults for display on the Startup form of your organisations name, your logo, logo background colour and the name you give the database application.

Once you have decided to use our services we provide this Foundation Database to you in a single file format for your evaluation, before you have to worry about the final design of forms etc.

This gives you some essential assistance -

  • You actually have something tangible to play with.
  • You can see immediately how the interface looks.
  • You can actually use the database, editing some records etc to get a feel for it.
  • You can generate reports to see how that works to assist with designing you own reports.
  • And best of all, you get to see the quality of the systems we produce.

Modifying the Foundation Database

Once you have the Foundation database, it is then a process of identifying the data you want to record and the functionality you want to include.

To assist with this we have packages of specific objects and functionality that we offer to again make it easier for you to identify the changes required. Once you identify the packages you require, and their properties, we can give you a fixed price on implementing them.

Package What It Includes
Table This is simply a table for storing data. The package includes -
  • design and build of the table, including all fields and their properties,
  • and all relevant relationships to enforce data integrity,
  • linking to the interface and functionality to maintain the link.
Basic List Form This is a form that includes functionality for maintaining the data in a specific table. It contains a lot of functionality that includes -
  • a list for displaying the data in the table,
  • one (1) filter option for filtering the list (e.g. Active or Inactive records),
  • an Add button for displaying a dialog for adding a new record,
  • an Edit button for editing a selected record,
  • and a Delete button for deleting a selected record.
The add/edit dialog forms include -
  • business rules you specify that must be applied to validate the data being entered, such as minimum and maximum values,
  • required data indicators and validation, as specified by you,
  • up to 5 displayed calculations based on the input data, as specified by you,
  • input mask as required by you,
  • and display formats as required by you.
Basic Column Report This is a basic report that lists data in a column format. The report includes -
  • a basic filter form with one (1) filter option, such as record status or date range,
  • portrait page formatting
  • as many columns as will fit in portrait mode, your choice,
  • record sorting as you specify,
  • report header showing your logo, a title, details of any filter applied, static description of the report, if required,
  • page header showing report title and application name, as you specify,
  • page footer showing date generated and page number,
  • and if the columns are numeric, a report footer with grand totals of the columns, if required,
  • and included in as many categories as you require.
Basic Query This is a read-only view of your raw data. It is displayed as a datasheet with the associated functionality so you can filter the data, change sorting, move columns etc, and then take the data across to Microsoft Excel for analysis or any other purpose, or just print it out.

The package is basically just the building of the query based on up to five (5) tables you select, not including calculated fields.

Package Modification

All packages have been designed to include the basic set of functionality required for most applications. However, we can modify all packages to suit your needs.

For example, you may want further filtering options on the list in the Basic List Form, such as filtering by customer or product type.

You may also require more grouping in reports, charts on forms or reports, specific buttons and functionality on list forms that perform some action on a selected item. The possibilities are many.

Unless your needs are fairly basic, and a lot of databases we build are, you will probably need further modifications. We provide those on a as-needed basis for an hourly rate.

How Do We Work

Our desire is to keep the process as simple as possible, yet comprehensive enough that we deliver the result you desire.

If we don't, give us an ear full.

Requirements Specification


Making Payments

If you reside in Australia you can pay be cheque or we can arrange for direct deposits to our bank account.

And finally, if you provide us with your credit card details and written authority we can process payments directly.

Don't sweat over it. Working with you we can work out your needs, identify priorities and tailor the development process to fit your unique situation.

So What Now?

Well, if all this leaves you saying 'Hey What!', don't panic. If it is all clear and sounds like what you want, that's great. Regardless, talk to us.

I am confident you will not be disappointed.

Jeff Pritchard

(Solutions Manager)

Keywords: Access Databases, Free Access Databases

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