Gutter Flow

Gutter Flow from Gutter-Vac ACT

By: Gutter-Vac ACT  02-Apr-2014
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Over the past 15 years our gutter cleaners ( have tried and tested pretty much every gutter guard system on the market. And we’re going to tell you what a lot of gutter guard companies won’t; the truth about the effectiveness of gutter guards… Despite what you hear, there’s no gutter guard system on the market today that will completely prevent the need for gutter cleaning. While searching for a gutter protection system, we’re sure you’ve read statements like “You’ll never have to clean your gutters again” or “Gutter maintenance is over once you install our gutter guard”. We have some bad news for you. These statements are just not accurate. Here’s why: Please don’t get us wrong, we love gutter guards as they help gutters to continue flowing, but remember that with every gutter protection system (even ours) you will still need to have your gutters cleaned. A good gutter protection system will help to keep your gutters flowing in between cleans. And while they might stretch out the timing between cleans, you’re still going to have clean those gutters! You want to avoid gutter systems that are permanently fixed to your gutters as they difficult to clean under, costly to remove and can cause permanent damage your gutters.

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