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By: David Nielsen - Clinical Counsellor  03-Jan-2011
Keywords: Counselling, Family & Parenting Services, Relationship Counselling

Success Stories

Happiness isn’t in new handbags…

"When I first met David it was in my mind to seek a healthy relationship with my partner, we talked through some difficult situations I was faced with in my personal life. I felt that he was supportive of the decisions I made but helped me see what impact they were having in my life and issues that I couldn’t see.

I was never happy with myself and the decisions I had made, I was sometimes ashamed of myself, I didn’t feel good enough at times and felt as though I had to prove myself, I was comparing myself to other women and I felt at fault for things beyond my control.

Ultimately I discovered how to improve my life through David, I now have a huge weight lifted from my mind and realise the problem wasn’t just the relationship I had set out to fix and happiness isn’t in new handbags or an endless amount of shoes or dresses. I can honestly say I find it so much easier to find happiness, I accept my life and realise what I have achieved with appreciation, furthermore, I look forward to what is to come. I recommend David Nielsen for any couple or young woman from my experience". Public Servant 26

Insecurity and sexual issues were overcome

“I went to see David because I was having sexual problems. He helped me to deal with my unhealthy thought patterns, anxiety and insecurity. With his help I’ve overcome my problems and now I’m much healthier and happier. I highly recommend David he is brilliant at what he does!” Male 30 Lawyer

I found a new way of being...

“It has been a privilege to have David as my counsellor. He has helped me through the darkest time in my life. Being a man I had always thought counsellors were for the weak, but for the first time in my life I was able to open up and be honest with where I was at. David made me feel comfortable being honest and listened without judgement; it was exactly what I needed. I’ve learned to accept myself and show people the real me. When I had no-one to turn to and was looking for answers, he helped me like nobody else could.” Male 33 Editor

Keywords: Counselling, Family & Parenting Services, Helping Families, Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Relationship Counsellors

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