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By: Global Back Care - CrookBack Clinic  22-Nov-2010
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The online Back Pain Diagnosis service is for people with musculo-skeletal pain. Using photographs supplied by clients, we observe them in a range of postures and provide them with clues as to which muscles have been responsible for moving bones out of alignment.

Along with the diagnosis of the likely cause(s) of the problem comes a recommended set of exercises designed to strengthen weak muscles and loosen tight muscles.

When that happens, the body draws back into better alignment and the pain starts to go away.

Discover how you can avoid further back pain and start living a normal life "Back Pain Free" by learning more about how to fix your back pain today.
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While you are there grab a  FREE Handbook on "Musculo skeletal Pain Emergency" and FREE eBook about "Back Pain Cause", The Causes of back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain (Musculo-skeletal Dysfunction).

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