Hypophosphorous acid 50-65% (CAS NO.6303-21-5)

Hypophosphorous acid 50-65% (CAS NO.6303-21-5) from Jason Xu

By: Jason Xu  22-Sep-2013
Keywords: Surface Treatment, Metal Working Ancillaries, Electroplating

Hypophosphorus Acid Product name: Hypophosphorus acid Synonymy Hypo phosphorous Acid, Phosphinic Acid M.Formula H3PO2 CAS No. 6303-21-5 EINECS 228-601-5 M.W 65.99g/mol Specific Gravity @ 25 C 1.210-1.265g/ml (50% solution) Hypophosphorus acid Specification Test/Property Specification 30-32 50 65 Appearance Clear Viscous Liquid Clear Viscous Liquid Clear Viscous Liquid Assay (H3PO2) 30-32% Min 50% Min 65% Min Chloride (Cl) 100 ppm Max 100ppm Max 150ppm Max Color, (APHA) 30 Max 30 Max 30 Max Iron (Fe), ppm 10ppm Max 10ppm Max 15ppm Max Orthophosphite 0.3% Max 0.3% Max 0.5% Max Hypophosphorus acid Use -Reducing agent: hypophosphorous acid has a strong but slow reducing action; -Production of hypophosphite salts:(i.e., Ca, Mg, Mn, Potassium, Iron, and Ammonium) -Bleaching agent/decolorizing agent for plastics, synthetic fibers (primarily polyester) and chemicals, -Color stabilizer -Chemical intermediate for organic synthesisor for organo-phosphinic acid production -Neutralizing agent, -Catalysts:for polymerization or polycondensation, -Wetting, dispersing or emulsifying agent, -Antioxidant, -Pharmaceutical industry as a stimulant. Package In 25kg, 250kg plastic drum, or 1000L IBC tote, total 19.2-20mt/20’FCL palletized.

Keywords: Electroplating, Hypophosphorous Acid, Metal Finishing, Metal Working Ancillaries, Nickel Plating, Phosphinic Acid, Reduction, Surface Treatment,