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By: oz3ds  16-Jun-2011
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Why Buy?

- Play all your Xbox360 games from any USB drive
- Released by the first xbox 360 jailbreak item in the world
- Compatible with all Xbox 360 models

News: X360key is expected to be released in early July.

Running a custom Linux system, x360key is capable of immaculately emulating the optical disk drive in Xbox 360, allowing you to play all your Xbox 360 (and Xbox 1) games from any USB media. It is compatible with all Xbox 360 models, both Fat and Slim, and offers advanced features such as emulation of the AP25 protection.
After more than a year in development x360key team announced one of the most sophisticated backup loaders the world has ever seen. Backed by a team of hardware experts and some of the most renowned and respected members of the Xbox hacking community they have no doubt this will be an instant success!
X360key team are now taking preorders and the first shipments to distributors are expected to be sent out in mid-July.

Keywords: X360key, Xbox360key

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